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What wattage mega ray bulb is required to make a slider?

Dec 24

This question is not definitive and will vary depending on your slider model. The general rule is to use a power that is equal to the normal wattage of your bulbs. If you have a 70-watt slider bulb, you'd use a 70 watt mega ray bulb.


You should not use more wattage than the bulbs require. This could lead to the slider overheating. You should also check the instructions for your slider's mega ray bulb, as they may have specific guidelines.


Mega ray bulbs can be a great way of adding extra light to your slider and saving energy. You can make sure your slider is safe and get the best out of your mega-ray bulbs by choosing a bulb with a wattage that is equal to your normal bulbs. A mega ray bulb is the best option for replacing a bulb in your slider.


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