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35 Travel Tips and Packing Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money in 2022

Feb 24

As travel becomes increasingly busier, people are searching for the latest travel tips. I want to share with you some very cool travel tips because travel is my favorite pastime.

I think these travel tips and packing hacks can be really cool for a lot of people. I hope you will find them useful and that they contribute to an easier and convenient traveling experience for you.  


Travel Tips and Packing Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money in 2021


35 Useful Travel Tips and Packing Hacks:  


 1. Delete Your Browser Cookies When Searching for Flights

Have you ever noticed that airplane tickets often change pricing and/or get more expensive the more you look?

There is a reason why airplane tickets get more expensive as you keep refreshing. Airlines track your searches through browser cookies and make use of variables like demand and weather conditions to set flight ticket prices that are highly volatile during certain times or seasons. If you want to save money on flights, try deleting all your browser cookies when searching instead of using incognito tabs because this will let companies know it's not the same person looking at their website over again! 


2. Disguise Your Location When Searching for International Flights

Disguising your location is a major factor when it comes to booking international flights. Depending on where you are located, the price of a ticket varies drastically. If you are searching for lower prices, use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

A virtual private network allows you to alter your location so that it looks like you're booking from a different city or country, which can lower ticket prices significantly depending on where the flight originates and where you are traveling to.

We recommend using a VPN service like ExpressVPNIPVanish VPN, or Access Private Internet; they’re all free for basic use or at least 30 days. Enough time to help you save money. 


book your flight for mid week travel


3. Book Your Flights for Mid-Week Travel

Did you know that travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are the cheapest travel days of the week?

Don't book trips during peak travel times which frequently include weekends after 3:00 PM. If you're traveling internationally, avoid Sundays as well because all flights take off much later than usual.

This is an easy travel hack because your travel days are pre-determined, and you can save a lot of money by switching up the day of the week you choose to travel. 


4. Purchase Travel Insurance

Taking out travel insurance is essential nowadays. You will be protected if your transport tickets or accommodation reservations are canceled or modified. 


travel insurance is essential



5. Finding Cheap Flights the Night Before Departure is Not a Good Idea

If you're looking to travel on a budget, do not wait for last minute to book your travel with the thought that prices will go down because companies price their tickets with an increase in demand/last minute travel fees spike up prices by 30-50% in most cases.

If possible, book your flight six months in advance to ensure you get the best price. This travel hack will also ensure your travel plans during peak travel season when tickets are more expensive than usual. 


6. Book Your Travel Stay Directly with the Hotel Rather Than a Third Party

Although third-party booking services can be helpful, oftentimes they are not the best option. Third-party booking services have commissions and other hidden charges associated with their contracts, which is why some discounts seem too good to be true - they are. You should check with hotels directly to find out about their special offers and loyalty programs that may beat these websites' prices. 


7. Book a Hotel That Offers a Complimentary Breakfast Buffet

Finding a hotel with a complimentary breakfast buffet is highly recommended. Not only does it save you money that would have otherwise been spent on street food or eating out at restaurants, but also gives unlimited access to an array of healthy items like fruits and veggies which are beneficial for your health in more ways than one! Grab an extra Apple or Banana on your way out for a healthy afternoon snack option. 


8. Consider Getting Groceries and Hotel Room Cooking for Extended Trips

When you’re planning an extended vacation, why not try cooking in your hotel room? Eating out every day is unhealthy and expensive. You can cook something nice in the comfort of your own space and have some fun exploring some local recipes on your trip. You can even buy groceries on your way back to the hotel. 


9. Use Your Phone as a Personal Hotspot to Avoid Expensive Hotel WiFi Charges

If you travel a lot, it’s highly likely that you must use WiFi at some point of your trip. Most hotels charge an exorbitant fee for using the hotel's internet connection. Instead of paying for an expensive hotel WiFi connection, just use your phone as a personal hotspot and connect your laptop or tablet with that network. 


10. Make a Spreadsheet Listing All of Your Travel Expenses

A travel hack for the frequent traveler is to make an Excel sheet with all your travel expenses. This will help you keep track of how much money you spend and provide some interesting feedback, like how much you spent on food in New York or on souvenirs in Paris. 


11. Track Flight Information with a Free App

Air travel is rarely pleasant, but there are hacks available that can make the experience a little more pleasurable. If you have a smartphone, download a travel app, like Lounge Buddy or Sky Scanner. These are flight and airport navigation apps. This travel hack is recommended because it can deliver accurate and timely information regarding airports, such as airport information and arrival times, which is essential for planning your trips. 


12. Double-Check Your Baggage Allowance

It can be quite inconvenient, but various airlines have different size limitations for the bags they allow on board. Some will let you carry a handbag with your carry-on, while others won't. Make sure to double-check the airline's policy before you depart so that you don't get any nasty surprises at the baggage claim. 


13. Save All the Attractions on Google Maps

Mark all the attractions you want to see on your Google Maps. This makes planning the day's itinerary a lot easier because you can quickly identify which attractions are near one another, so you don't have to go from one side of the city to the other. 


plan your travel itinerary


14. Bring a Printed Copy of Travel Docs and Other Important Information

Always print your travel documents and travel insurance information before you leave for your trip. This travel hack can save time when you need it most, like when the airline sends you to a different desk than usual or if there are travel delays, or your phone battery dies. Doing this has saved me from a huge hassle when my purse and ID were stolen when I was on a trip in Mexico! 


15. Photograph All Your Important Documents

In addition to, or in place of printed copies, take photos of all your important papers and store them on your phone. Do the same with any booking confirmations you may have as well. You'll be glad you have a backup plan if anything should go wrong. 


16. Consider Taking a Credit Card That Doesn’t Charge Foreign Transaction Fees

This is something we seldom consider at home since most cards impose a minimal transaction fee or none at all domestically. When you're abroad, though, these costs might add up quickly, so check before you go to see which card saves you the most money. 


17. Create a Packing List

To ensure you don't forget anything, take 5 minutes to write down everything that’s needed. This will save time and stress in the long run because it's easy to accidentally leave something behind like a phone charger or hairbrush. Once these items are packed into your bag, tick them off on the list so there is no confusion about what you’ve brought with you. 


18. Limit the Number of Shoes You Bring

Shoes are the bulkiest items you’re going to pack. Limit the number of shoes you bring to save a lot of luggage space, especially if you’re packing for air travel. If comfortable enough wear the bulkiest pair of shoes that you are bringing for the trip, so they don't have to be packed. Bring a nice pair of sandals that can double as evening wear and a comfortable pair of walking shoes. In reality, two pairs are really all you need. 


19. Wear Your Bulkiest Clothing on the Plane

This is a fantastic method to save space in your luggage. Wearing any heavier items, you may require (sweaters, coats, hoodies, or boots) will help you save room inside your bag. This travel hack is a simple travel trick that's going to help you avoid having to check your luggage! 


20. Pack Neutral Colored Clothing

This is a simple method to cut down on the amount of clothing you'll need. Neutral apparel is simpler to match with and, as a result, allows for more wardrobe options. If you enjoy wearing bright colors, consider packing a colorful dress or two that won't take up much room in your luggage and you can wear with other neutral garments. 


21. Roll Your Clothing

Rolling your clothing is a great way to save space and prevent creasing. Rolling also makes it easier to find the item you need, as well as packing things into small spaces that would otherwise be empty in luggage.

The idea behind this method is simple; by tightly rolling clothes, they won't get crushed when other things are packed on top them inside your case. This means no more digging through layers upon layers of folded items just so you could reach something at the bottom! 


roll your clothing when packing for more space


22. Consider Using Packing Cubes

Packing cubes can be a great way to keep your stuff organized. They're lightweight and easy use. There are plenty of options out there, including travel cubes by eBags. The travel cubes can be used to keep your underwear separate from your shirts and pants, meaning you'll never have to rummage around for ages looking for something specific.

Packing cubes are also useful because they make packing and unpacking extremely easy - simply open the cubes and everything is laid out ready to use! 


23. Use Plastic File Folders to Keep Your Clothing from Wrinkling

This hack is fantastic for clothing that wrinkles easily. Fold your shirts as you normally would and then place them in a plastic file folder. Your clothes will keep wrinkle-free for longer. 


24. Keep the Collars of Your Dress Shirts Stiff with Your Belt

A nice, crisp collar is what makes a shirt look good. Prevent yours from bending at odd angles by placing a leather belt on the inside of the shirt around the collar. This travel hack is a simple way to make sure you look great no matter where you travel. 


25. Use Straws to Keep Your Necklaces from Tangling

To avoid your necklaces from getting tangled together, thread them through a regular straw and close the hook. You save room in your luggage by not having to bring a jewelry holder and you don't have to deal with the trouble of untangling your jewelry when you get to your destination.


26. Pack Shoes in Plastic Bags

You never know what’s on the underside of your shoes so don’t let them touch your suitcase content. Instead, pack shoes in a plastic grocery or shopping bag. This travel hack is so important, why don't more people think about it? 


27. Bring Dryer Sheets for Your Dirty Laundry Bag

To preserve your clothing from smelling, put dryer sheets in your dirty laundry bag. If you can't wash your clothes for a week or longer, the sheets will help to keep them smelling fresh. Bonus: the sheets take up almost no space in your luggage. 


28. Bring a Neck Pillow Filled with Extra Clothing

Another travel hack is to buy a travel neck pillow and fill it with some of your clothes, like socks and underwear, to add some extra support for the neck. This travel hack is a great way to make sure you have some essentials if your luggage is lost or delayed. 


29. Bring An Airplane Seat Cover and Germ Protection Kit

A travel hack that will help keep you healthy is to bring along an Airplane Travel Kit from The kit includes an airplane seat cover. If you travel a lot, this travel hack can be very useful and give you piece of mind too! 

airplane travel kit


30. Bring Disinfectant Wipes for the Hotel Room

A travel hack for hotel rooms is to pack some disinfecting wipes and clean the remote control, TV screen, and phone before using them. I clean everything, door handles, toilet, sink, and faucets!

This travel hack will help keep your room cleaner and ensure that your space is germ-free while you're on vacation. 


31. An International/Universal Travel Adapter is Essential for Traveling Abroad

If you do a lot of international traveling invest in an international travel adaptor. If you travel in Europe, UK and Australia an international travel adapter with USB is the easiest travel hack. This will allow you to charge all your devices at once without having to buy individual travel adapters or converters that can be bulky and expensive.

Before you buy the adapter, check the voltage capacity required for your destination country, in case it differs from your current location. 


32. Place a Layer of Plastic Wrap Over the Bottle Lids

Put a layer of plastic wrap under your bottle lids before screwing on the lid to avoid spills. After that, place them in a ziplock bag. This is a simple hack solution to preventing spills. 


33. Bring An Empty Water Bottle in Your Carry On

Once you've cleared customs, buying water is outrageously expensive. Bringing an empty water bottle with you allows you to fill it up before boarding the plane is one of our favorite travel packing strategies. 


34. During the Epidemic, Here Are Some Useful Suggestions

You can use the GetYourGuide app to manage or cancel your reservations free of charge in case of an emergency, as it allows you to prepare for every contingency. The COVID-19 app is also available for download in the country you are visiting. Finally, Google Maps may be used to find out when restaurants and bars will open.


It's Important to Travel Safely During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Pack travel essentials in your carry-on bag, like tissues, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer. If you travel for business, pack a travel briefcase or travel backpack to make it easier to travel around on public transportation during the pandemic.

If you travel on public transportation, bring hand sanitizer with you. You can pick up a Healthy Airplane Travel Kit from The kit includes a collection of germ protection essentials, including an airplane seat cover.


airplane seat cover


Pack extra snacks when traveling during the pandemic, as shops and restaurants could be closed when the virus is worst. 


35. Check Travel Restrictions

Before traveling, check the destination for state, local, and territorial government restrictions to be informed about testing requirements, stay-at-home orders, and quarantine requirements. Check with your state or territorial health department as well as local authorities in the areas you will pass through and to your final destination for up-to-date information and travel advice.

Prepare to be flexible while on the road, as regulations and rules may change at any time. Follow all state, municipal, and territorial travel restrictions as previously said.

Check to see whether your airline requires any further health information, testing, or other documents.


I hope you’ve found these 35 travel tips and packing hacks to be helpful. Whether it is saving time or money, we know that traveling can be so much better when the experience is managed well ahead of time. It may take a little extra effort on your part to plan and pack for your trip, but rest assured knowing this will save you more than just dollars in the long run!



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