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Jun 7

Real Estate News and Blogs

Aside from the usual real estate newspapers, you can also find real estate news and blogs through a variety of sources. Mashvisor, Zillow, and Inman News are just a few examples. To determine whether a particular real estate news website is worth your time, consider its reputation. Is the content of the blog well-written and informative? Does the post flow naturally and contain no grammatical errors? And finally, what about its review section? Are the reviews positive or negative? If the site has mostly negative reviews, you should avoid it. If the reviews are mostly positive, however, then you should probably try it out as well.

Inman News

Inman is a real estate news site founded by Brad Inman, an award-winning journalist, entrepreneur, and innovator. He owns Inman and works with an all-star team of writers and industry thought leaders. Inman also organizes popular conferences. He enjoys travelling and entertaining friends and business associates. You'll find plenty of stories about real estate, and you'll learn about new products and services.

The Inman News website is free for members, but the premium version, Inman Select, features more content, including exclusive interviews with real estate leaders, breaking news, and special reports. Members also get access to a social media community and digital events hosted by industry leaders. Subscriptions to Inman Select are valued at $199 per year. A premium subscription will cost you around $100, but it's well worth the price.


The recent Zillow real estate news has been mixed. The company's decision to exit the buying market was followed by a dramatic drop in its stock price, which prompted investors to wonder if it would survive. As it turns out, it's not the end of the world. The company's algorithm is being changed to be more aggressive, which is good news for those who want to make money selling real estate online. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind about Zillow's exit from buying.

The first piece of Zillow real estate news has to do with its homes division. That division helps customers list their properties. The company's buying program has proven to be an enormous hit with buyers and sellers alike. Last year, the homes division saw an 11-fold increase in revenues. The reason for this spike is that the inventory has sold faster than anticipated and for higher prices than originally thought. While the company has been experiencing financial troubles, investors are still encouraged by its plan to introduce a housing super app that could help people buy and sell homes.


For anyone interested in the real estate market, Mashvisor is an indispensable tool. This website collects real estate data from different sources and combines it into one comprehensive database. Users can find real estate data comps, data on rental properties, and real estate analytics. Using Mashvisor, you can make better-informed decisions about your real estate investments. It's a convenient, one-stop-shop for real estate data.


Its AI-based platform is designed to make the job of real estate investors easier by providing a wide range of tools and features. All the data that goes into the analysis is sourced from credible sources, such as Airbnb and sellers on the platform. It then uses an advanced algorithm to translate the data into useful insights. With its help, investors can easily identify the best properties for their investments. And, for homebuyers, Mashvisor's real estate news will help them make the best possible property choices.


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