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Aug 17

How To Choose The Best Universal Travel Adaptor For Your Travels

You've taken your bags to the airport and taken off for your flight. You've settled into your hotel and now you're ready to relax and enjoy your much-anticipated vacation. The moment comes to power up your mobile prior to leaving as it's low, only to discover that the charger you brought from home isn't able to fit in the socket of your hotel! The worst thing for any traveler is arriving in a foreign country only to discover that they aren't able to connect their smartphone or other devices to charge. For families or business travelers with kids This small oversight could ruin your plans.

There are 15 plugs in the world however, while some sockets and plugs can be interchanged however, you're more likely to will come across an entirely different plug than what you're familiar with in Singapore. Finding the most efficient adaptor for traveling available is vital to ensure that your trip goes without a hitch, and you'll be able to keep in touch with your family members without worry. Here are four important tips to remember when looking for an adaptor for travel:

4 Tips for Finding the Best Travel Adaptors

1. Buy a universal travel adaptor that can be used with sockets of international types

Before you travel towards your final destination make sure you check the socket types that are common to the area. Universal travel adapters such as that of the Universal Travel adapter by Verbatim will fit a variety of socket types commonly used and these printed universal travel adapters are suitable for frequent flyers who travel across several destinations.

2. Check that your travel adapter comes with the correct plugs

If you're traveling as group, ensure that you get a travel adaptor that is able to accommodate all. This Four Ports of the Verbatim Travel Charger has four outlets, which allows you to connect multiple devices at once. If you need to use it in an emergency it is also not necessary to search for extra plugs at your hotel.

3. Choose travel adapters with USB plugs

Tablets, smartphones and other devices - travelers today often carry electronic devices that depend on USB cable to recharge. Be sure that your travel adaptor has at minimum one USB plug so that you are able to charge your devices. Certain USB adaptors for traveling, such as that of the FYM universal USB Travel Adaptor come with multiple USB plugs to allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time. A simple Travel Adaptor that comes with Dual USB can help to boost the effectiveness of charging.

4. Find travel adaptors that have surge protection

Inputting in appliances with the wrong voltage could cause the battery to be damaged which can cause damage to the device, overheating, small explosions or fires. Although most portable devices can now be adapted to handle any regular voltage, it's best to remain on the safer side. Make sure to check for the voltage it is able to handle as well as any safety features that prevent overvoltage or protection against overcurrent such as the Verbatim Universal Travel Adaptor.

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