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Reasons to Use Concrete Leveling

Jun 20

Concrete Leveling is the process of filling voids underneath sunken or uneven concrete slabs, such as porches, patios, driveways and sidewalks. It’s done by drilling holes through the concrete and pumping a high-pressure limestone slurry through those holes. The slurry stabilizes loose soil, raises the level of the slab and fixes the problem that caused it to sink. This is one of the most practical and cost-effective methods for raising settled concrete.

Greene Concrete Leveling can help you avoid the costly and messy replacement of existing concrete surfaces, especially if your sinking concrete is only in a small section or spot in the yard. It is also much faster than digging up and replacing the damaged slab. The result is a more attractive, even and stable surface that will save you money and prevent further damage to the foundation or surrounding landscaping.

If you have a sunken concrete sidewalk, driveway or pool deck that is causing tripping hazards, it’s time to call for concrete leveling. A qualified concrete contractor can drill through the concrete, pump in the slurry and raise it back to its original position without the need for excavation or removing the damaged slab. Using this method, you can avoid the costs of a full replacement and the problems that come with it, including disruption to landscaping and lawns, tripping hazards and damage to underground plumbing or utilities.

There are many reasons to use concrete leveling, such as:

Concrete floors inside your home are sagging or you have hairline cracks from the walls to the floor that are creating a gap. The concrete steps on your front porch or deck have begun to sink and sag. Your driveway is becoming misaligned and cracked. The brick or exterior siding of your home is shifting and pulling away from the foundation.

Whether you’re looking to level the floor of your basement, lift a sunken porch or patio, or repair a concrete driveway, you can count on A-1 Concrete Leveling to get the job done right the first time. We offer free onsite cost estimates, so you’ll know how much the work will cost before we start working.

If you’re considering using self-leveling concrete to raise your sagging concrete, it’s important that the moisture levels are checked and tested before application. If the concrete is too damp, it can degrade and fail prematurely. This is why you need a professional that can monitor the situation and take steps to fix it immediately.

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