5 methods each foodie can take pleasure in Al Brown’s cooking

Al Brown has written four books.


Al Brown has written four books.

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Read the book, eat the cake – is there anything this man cannot do? This way you can enjoy Al Brown’s coveted cuisine.

1. Go to Depot Eatery

Depot Eatery (“Open since 7:00 AM”) was a lively and casual hangout for Egg Yolk on Federal Street in Auckland. Get your oysters freshly peeled, your wine in a carafe and your potato skins with Manchego.

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Federal Delicatessen in Auckland.

Rob Trathen / Boy Scouts

Federal Delicatessen in Auckland.

2. Visit the Fed

Next door is Federal Delicatessen (“The Fed”) – Al’s takeover of the New York delicatessen and home of the best chicken sandwich.

3. Try your best ugly

Then there is Best Ugly Bagels, a tribute to the hand-rolled holey pasta of Montreal, with three stores each in Wellington and Auckland.

4. Buy the products

You can also buy the bagels online, along with Al’s old Yella Habanero mustard and olive oil.

But wait, there’s more!

5. Read the books

He has also written four books: Go Fish, Stoked, Depot: A Restaurant Biography and Eat Up New Zealand, all available at albrown.co.nz.

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