‘5-year-old boy ignored of sophistication due to runny nostril’

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Cape Town – An outraged Gugulethu mother claims her son’s Lehlohonolo Elementary School education will be withdrawn for a runny nose because his teacher believes he is “at high risk” of contracting Covid-19 and other children infect.

Portia Mdletye said the last time her 5 year old son had R class with his peers was in March.

She claimed the class teacher told her that “all R class students would study from home for the rest of the year,” but she recently found out that only her son was turned away.

Western Cape Education Department (WCED) spokesman Millicent Merton said the county office is investigating the complaint.

“My child developed flu symptoms in March the week the schools were due to be closed for closure. I took it to the pharmacy and received medicine for it.

“That was when the problem started, but I wasn’t aware at that point because the teacher never confronted me to ask if the child was being tested for Covid-19 or anything related to their flu,” Mdletye said.

She said R grade children could return to school in September, but her son was sent home on the first day, claiming they should stay home.

“I was informed of the days and time that I have to pick up the schoolwork. Another day something personal came up and my uncle went to school for me. To his surprise, all of my son’s colleagues were given lessons.

“I made an unannounced visit to see for myself and met Teacher outside. She was rude to me. When I followed her into the classroom, it was actually full of students.

“The teacher just gave me a book and told me to keep teaching my son at home because his temperature is always rising, he always has a runny nose and is afraid that they will not be able to tell if he has got Covid-19, which means that he is a risk and would infect other children.

“That really hurt me because I am taking care of my child. He’s neat and doesn’t always have a runny nose, ”said Mdletye.

She said she filed a complaint with WCED district offices in Maitland and Ndabeni, requiring her to homeschool her son according to government guidelines and regarding her son’s health.

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