7 Attention-grabbing Information about El Salvador

The Republic of El Salvador is a small state in Central America.

The capital of El Salvador is San Salvador. It is a country with a very high crime rate. It is not recommended here to display status items such as expensive devices, watches, phones, money. You should also avoid crowded places and public transportation – pickpockets abound. In this country there are bars and shutters on all windows up to the third floor. Here too is the highest murder rate. There are other interesting facts about El Salvador as well.

El Salvador is a land of the descendants of ancient civilizations. People lived here 2000 years ago. On the territory are the remains of ancient Mayan, Aztec and Nahuas constructions. One of the main attractions is the statue of the god of war and fertility “Hiro Toec”. There are also many artifacts, pyramids, and unique statues. The ruins of the old settlement “José de Seren” are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We have compiled the most interesting and amazing facts about Salvador for you.

7 facts about El Salvador

  1. Salvador’s national cuisine is a symbiosis of Indian and Spanish traditions. The main ingredient in the dishes is a green hard banana called plantain. It is used to make mashed potatoes, fries, and other dishes.
  2. There are many minerals in the interior of El Salvador. However, the local authorities decided not to sell the deposits to foreign companies and imposed a ban on their development. The reason was a barbaric attitude towards nature and the pollution of rivers with industrial waste.
  3. The state language in El Salvador is Spanish. But many residents are bilingual – from birth they speak not only Spanish, but also one of the national languages.
  4. Salvadorans make drinks from grain. The most popular are orchards made from rice, cinnamon, milk and sugar, as well as sebad – a drink made from barley and cinnamon.
  5. El Salvador ranks first in the world in terms of the number of willful murders per capita. This number is higher than in places with military conflicts.
  6. Sweet potatoes are served here as a dessert. Despite its unattractive appearance, the tuber meat is sweet and delicious.
  7. Almost one in three families in El Salvador lives on funds sent by relatives working in the United States. The wages in the country are very low and unemployment is high.

El Salvador: Top 3 Best Attractions in El Salvador

  1. The San Miguel or Chaparrastik volcano reaches a height of 2 kilometers and is active. The last time it broke out was in 2013. There are several tourist routes at the foot, but it is forbidden to climb to the top of the volcano.
  2. Lake Ilopango is a reservoir of volcanic origin. It was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption one and a half thousand years ago. Tourists come here for diving, windsurfing and similar attractions. There are also many hot springs. Air shows are held here every year, organized by the local military airfield.
  3. El Boquerón National Park is located on the top of the volcano at an altitude of 1,800 meters. Tourists have the opportunity to see a crater 5 km in diameter. Many rare animals and plants live here. Tourists are equipped with special routes.

El Salvador: strange laws and customs

In 1969, the Honduras soccer team lost to the Salvador soccer team. As a result, there was a military conflict between the two neighboring countries, known as the “football war”. It only lasted 6 days from June 14th to 20th. During that time, both sides lost about two thousand people. This conflict had matured for many decades, and the loss of the football team gave rise to military action.

What shouldn’t you do in El Salvador?

  • Being drunk while driving – according to the laws of the country, such a driver can be sentenced to execution;
  • Drink raw water – bottled only or after boiling;
  • To brag about wealth – it is better to go outside without a phone and gold jewelry;
  • Resist robbery – this is your best chance to stay alive even when there is no money.
  • Take photos of locals – it is necessary to ask for permission;
  • Arguing with the military or the police – the consequences can be the saddest.

There are many active volcanoes on the territory of the state. Izalco, the most famous of the volcanoes, erupts every 8 minutes. It is also known as the Mayak of the Pacific Ocean as it serves as a guide for sailors. Earthquakes also occur frequently in the country. In the past two centuries, the state’s capital has been partially destroyed five times. Although nobody knows where and when to wait for the underground shocks, the capital is being rebuilt every time.

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