A First Timer’s Guide To Gaylord Palms’ “Spring It On” Event

During my 8 years in central Florida I have visited many hotels and resorts, but the one I had never set foot in before this year was the Gaylord Palms Resort and now I see the flaw in my ways.

Just minutes from the Walt Disney World estate, this stunning resort has everything you need for a relaxing getaway or a family vacation that may not have to worry about the theme parks every day. For those of you unfamiliar with the Gaylord Palms Resort, it’s a beautiful themed resort that brings together some of Florida’s highlights under an atrium roof, including the Everglades, St. Augustine, and Key West, as well as a great water park.

When I was invited to spend a couple of nights I was excited to get a little bit of escape from today’s world and I have to say when you step into the main atrium forget where you are very quickly. With winding trails to explore, live animals to watch and great restaurants, I can honestly say before I even step into my room I feel in love with Gaylord Palms.

I stayed in one of the St. Augustine guest rooms facing the atrium, which I have to say when I woke up to that view it was difficult to get back to the regular world afterwards. Aside from the view, I couldn’t stop raving about how comfortable the bed was, the entire room was lovely, but the bed is something I will look forward to on many future stays.

Enough of the bed, one of the main reasons I stayed was to experience the “Spring It On” event which coincided well with the first day of spring I was there. The Gaylord Palms Resort is known for its great Christmas events, but I have to say that for a “smaller” event there was more than enough to spend a day or two there.

While some of the activities only take place on certain days, events like the Blossomin ‘Bunnies Scavenger Hunt and Eggspression Garden provide a great lunch break in the parks or a lovely evening time to stroll and explore.

But of all the activities I have to say that my favorite by far was the interactive show “Paint Me A Fairytale”. This show goes back to the core of storytelling, with Mother Goose and her pages retelling and adding their own special touch to some of the classic fairy tales that seem to have fallen by the wayside over the years. This show combined live acting, singing and some fun puppet shows and was great fun. For safety reasons, the cast and crew went to great lengths to make sure we were all socially distant and having a great time.

For more information and how to book your stay at this beautiful resort, click GaylordPalms, but hurry up, the Spring It On event only runs until May 16, 2021.

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