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Aer Lingus is part of the IAG (International Airlines Group) and works with other IAG-owned airlines, including British Airways and Iberia based in Spain. Each of these airlines use Avios’ mileage currency. Therefore, these miles can be transferred between the three airlines.

While these three airlines use the same currency, they each have their own loyalty programs and award tables, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. As a result, these “good” differences between the programs help make Avios an incredibly versatile program that is full of flexibility and value.

AerClub, Aer Lingus’ loyalty program, has its own redemption rules and luckily, its own unique perks and sweet spots.

Earn rewards

This card contains a great welcome bonus. While this is one of the highest welcome bonuses available today, it also has one of the largest minimum spend requirements.

The structure of the expenditure requirement is divided into several different levels. Earn 50,000 Bonus Avios after spending $ 3,000 on purchases within the first 3 months of opening your account. Earn an additional 50,000 Bonus Avios after spending a total of $ 20,000 on purchases in your first year of account opening. The final tier concerns the Aer Lingus Economy Companion Ticket, which is awarded when cardholders spend a total of $ 30,000.

A $ 30,000 spend requirement is on the high end compared to similar cards and doesn’t make sense for all. However, if you manage to meet these high spending requirements, the bonus points and accompanying certificate can offer great value. If you are unable to cover at least $ 20,000 in secondary expenses, this card can be passed on. Specifically after considering Chase’s 5/24 rule, which restricts card applications by the number of new revolving credit accounts you’ve opened in the past 24 months.

Ultimately, the card earns 3 Avios for every dollar spent on purchases at Aer Lingus and its partners Iberia and British Airways. You can earn 2 Avios for every dollar spent on hotels when you book directly with the hotel. This means that no bookings are made through third party websites such as Expedia or Orbitz. You earn 1 Avios for every dollar spent on all other purchases with no limit on the number of Avios you can earn.

Redeem rewards

The first thing you should understand is the Aer Lingus award table. The program is distance-based, which means that Aer Lingus does not allocate mileage costs according to specific regions of the world, as in zone-based programs, but allocates costs according to the number of miles flown. Distance-based award tables generally provide better redemption options for a wider range of short haul flights and more flexibility with routes. The six price tiers are listed in the Aer Lingus award table.

Next, Aer Lingus’ awards table implements a pricing structure for peak and off-peak times. Popular travel dates like Christmas vacation, spring vacation and summer months all fall below the top prices. Off-peak accounts for all other days and accounts for around two thirds of the year.

With all of this information, let’s see how it all comes together. The best value when redeeming Avios with Aer Lingus is flights from the east coast of the US and Canada to Ireland.

From Boston to Dublin there are only 13,000 Avios in one direction in the off-season. Taxes and fees are significantly lower than booking with partner British Airways.

You must visit to book your flight or call Aer Lingus.

Reward potential

Forbes Advisor collects data from several government agencies to determine spending and basic income in different categories for a sample household. The 70th percentile of wage earning households brings in $ 100,172 annually and can charge credit cards with $ 26,410 annually.

With the Chase Aer Lingus Credit Card, you will receive:

  • 3 Avios per dollar for Aer Lingus, Iberia and British Airways
  • 2 Avios per dollar that are spent on hotels when booking directly at the hotel
  • 1 Avios per dollar for all other purchases

Forbes Advisor estimates that the average consumer will spend $ 1,755 per year on flights. If someone flies with Aer Lingus or one of its sister companies and uses the Aer Lingus card to pay for those flights, they would earn a total of 5,265 Avios. Additionally, this household will spend an additional $ 2,820 on other hotel purchases each year. This means that Aer Lingus card members could potentially accumulate 5,640 Avios per year.

Other expenses that can reasonably be deducted from a credit card add an additional $ 16,101 to annual expenses and would bring in 16,101 Avios for a total of 26,826 Avios earned each year on top of the first year welcome bonus.

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