After dealing with books for a residing with Caroline libraries, Kay Brooks now writing her personal | Native Information

“If you look at Spicer’s Challenge you will see a lot of bowling green landmarks,” she said, noting that she often gets ideas from everyday life and things that she sees happening. These are then intertwined with twists and turns in a story that takes on a life of its own. In another book she uses Madison College as inspiration.

In the trilogy she’s now finalizing, ideas came from the home of a relative in Hanover County, near whom she grew up in Ashland.

“It’s almost like being in a mansion, and I solved the puzzle there after a couple met at home,” she said, noting that a trip to Alaska found its way into the book when her main characters traveled there.

In each of these books there are various secrets, as well as the mention of ghosts killed in the Battle of Petersburg and a murder that is a key to the action.

Brooks noted that she could model one of her characters after someone she saw or knew, but adds that “the people you find in my books tend to take on their own personalities who take on their stories.”

She said this comes with a writing style that involves enough planning to know where the story is going, while leaving room for change and ideas for expansion as she writes.

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