Airways and journey companies count on journey to select again up in 2021

SALT LAKE CITY – After record losses in the travel industry, some see record deals and specials when customers book flights.

The trips canceled in 2020 will now become trips booked in 2021.

In his forty years in the travel business, Columbus Travel CEO Larry Gelwix said he has never seen so many travel offers as he does now.

“We’re seeing really good things at Columbus Travel in terms of future bookings that really pick up in the second quarter, especially May,” said Gelwix.

The most popular bookings were domestic flights.

“Hawaii, Florida beaches, Puerto Rico, Mexico and, interestingly, Tahiti,” Gelwix said.

After losing $ 9 billion in 2020, Morgan Durrant, a Delta spokesman, said they are focusing on passenger comfort and confidence when traveling.

“Every cabin is disinfected before every departure,” said Durrant. “The air you breathe in the aircraft cabin is purified by hospital-grade HEPA filters.”

Delta has locked the middle seat and will do so at least until the end of March.

Durrant said there will be no change fees for Delta flyers as of April unless customers purchase economy seats.

Mask mandates will continue indefinitely by order of President Joe Biden’s administration.

“It’s an extra layer of protection that the vast majority of our customers understand,” said Durrant.

Gelwix knew what protections were in place and said it was now time to book a trip.

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