Alan A. Allen proclaims the publication of ‘Clues Can Gentle the Method’

Redmond, Wash., December 9, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – In “Clues May Light the Way” (published by Archway Publishing), author Alan A. Allen describes how unexplainable events and deep connections with others sparked his understanding and excitement for life. He shows how such experiences often serve as valuable clues in facing life’s challenges and help people appreciate how everyone is connected to one another.

For years, inexplicable events have tested Allen’s trust in scientifically based logic. Strange circumstances and results were so mysterious that he could only attribute them to luck, or possibly to the guidance of an omniscient source beyond this world. He soon realized that accidents, close encounters with death, and life-changing connections with people are clues. An extraordinary connection with his father proved the importance of such clues. His father shared a near death experience and revealed information about the afterlife and human reason for existence on earth. The exchange between father and son led to the conclusion when his father finally switched to the other side a few weeks later. Most importantly, the author learned the importance of unconditional love and how mysterious events can serve as clues for discovering one’s purpose in life.

“It is not a ‘religious’ book, nor does it provide evidence of any of his suggestions for self-discovery and the purpose of being,” explains Allen. “It is an easy read, a personal reminder of a scientist who did not have to give up his confidence and comfort with quantitative, scientific processes and equations in order to find and appreciate answers to some of the greatest mysteries of all: the purpose of life and beyond. “

With today’s political and civil unrest and pandemic crisis, Clues Can Light the Way hopes to address the need for a reunited consciousness of all nations that can be understood and possibly resolved through a global spiritual awakening. Visit to purchase a copy of the book.

“Clues can light the way”

By Alan A. Allen

Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5 inches | 146 pages | ISBN 9781480895140

Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5 inches | 146 pages | ISBN 9781480895157

E-book | 146 pages | ISBN 9781480895164

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Alan A. Allen, born in New Jersey in 1938, graduated from Washington & Jefferson College in Pennsylvania with a degree in physics, spent five years in the US Navy and continued his studies in physics, petroleum engineering and oceanography at several universities. Allen retired in 2020 as a world-renowned emergency coordinator and researcher addressing marine pollution incidents in nearly 50 countries. He has authored hundreds of technical and environmental papers and numerous accounts of what he calls the “softer side” of his travels – the interactions with and the lessons he learned from them.

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