Ask a Factors Nerd: Ought to I Book Award Journey for 2021? | Journey

Yes, these are all extremely high quality redemptions, and I usually preach simplicity and usefulness when it comes to travel rewards. They are by no means “low value” redemptions. The Ventana Room is $ 1,600 per night when paying in cash. This corresponds to 3.3 cents per point for the above-mentioned redemption and is thus far above our rating for Hyatt points.

But here’s the real perk: 2021 presents an unprecedented opportunity to book notoriously elusive award travel. If you are sitting on a pile of dots, now may be the time to burn them up.

Not: Rely on the borders to open immediately

Yes, some models predict that infection rates will fall in the coming months, but that doesn’t mean cautious destinations will immediately open their borders to American tourists if they do. And to be honest, I’m not sure I want to visit a country that would have me as a visitor now.

I assume that countries will open their immigration controls more slowly than we may have thought. You may be able to book a flight to Europe for the fall, but this is no guarantee that you will be approved in due course.

However, if you’ve booked a flexible ticket, that uncertainty shouldn’t be a big deal. You can simply push back your flight.

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