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Entertainment from Sunday December 13th 2020

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Artiste manager Kwesi Ernest

Kwesi Ernest, CEO of Media Excel, believes the Ghanaian Arts and Tourism Writers’ Association (ATWAG) should make bloggers aware of the type of content they publish.

In an interview with Dr. Cann on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra edutainment talk show on Saturday, he expressed concern about the negative headlines bloggers are making about people, saying it has a bigger impact on them than people think.

Speaking of adverse effects, he shared his personal experience when Randy Nunoo accused him of taking bribes in defense of Kojo Antwi’s government and when a blogger posted a message about Joyce Blessing accusing him of being a one To be a thief.

He said: “I wanted to travel once, so I went to the Danish embassy to apply for a visa and you know that everything is online at that age. While I was being interviewed, the woman checked my information on the internet and she just asked me if it is true that I accept bribery.

I had to take the time to explain to her that it is a media battle and sometimes people just do things to discredit your image but she still wasn’t convinced and that negative publicity can do for us. Know that if you put something on the internet, you can never completely scrape it off. “

Kwesi went on to say that he finally solved the problem, but it didn’t end there. When he got to Canada, which has one of the toughest immigration systems in place, it became another stressful factor when the officer went to see him and saw the headline from Joyce Blessing calling him a thief.

According to him, he sat in immigration for almost an hour after they took his passport just because they looked deeper into his online profile and the only thing that saved him was a picture of himself and the late President JJ ​​Rawlings, that they happened to have. Even so, he mentioned that he had to wait another 20 minutes to stamp his passport before being welcomed to Canada.

Finally, Kwesi advised Ernest that ATWAG should sensitize writers and bloggers to the content they publish so that it does not further damage people’s personal lives.

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