Boeing 737 Max Resumes Flying U.S. Passengers After 2-12 months Halt

American plans to use the Max for daily flights between Miami International Airport and La Guardia Airport through Monday. The airline plans to increase the service thereafter and use the aircraft for up to 38 flights per day by mid-February. American Airlines expects 91 Max flights per day between mid-February and early March.

The captain of the American flight on Tuesday, Sean Roskey, told passengers before take-off that he had “utmost confidence in the safety of this aircraft,” according to a video shared by an NBC News reporter who was on the Flight found.

“I just want to thank you all for trusting us all,” said Mr. Roskey, who has been with American for nearly three decades.

His wife Ann was on the flight, as was the mother of first officer Moraima Maldonado, according to the airline. Mr. Roskey and Ms. Maldonado also piloted the return flight to Miami.

American Airlines made more than 18,000 flights on the Max before the plane hit the ground. It has 31 of these jets in its fleet, 69 have been ordered.

As with other airlines, American Airlines has announced that passengers worried about flying the Max can rebook their trip for the time being to avoid the plane or receive credits for future trips. The airline’s 2,600 Boeing 737 pilots will all be retrained to fly the Max. This process includes classroom briefings and training in a simulator. In addition to FAA oversight, every Max-Jet undergoes an internal inspection and readiness flight before it carries passengers. Tuesday’s flight had room for 172 passengers – 16 in business class and the rest in economy.

United Airlines expects the Max to fly from Denver and Houston on February 11th. According to Cirium, an airline company, the airline has already scheduled flights from Houston to Los Angeles, Orlando, San Diego and Tampa, and between Los Angeles and Orlando.

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