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The only “journey” most of us have taken this year has been between the living room, bedroom, home office, and refrigerator (wash and repeat). If this year turned out to be underwear for you in the vacation department, now is the time to look forward to the New Year. is committed to helping you wipe the slate clean with early travel deals to dozen of the top U.S. destinations in 2021.

If you book now by March 31st and guarantee a huge saving of 20% or more! Looking for inspiration? Here are some of our favorite spots to get you started. 2021 Early Deals

Miami Beach

With almost perfect weather all year round, incredibly beautiful people and miles of breathtaking beaches in the USA, you can hardly imagine a more perfect escape from the pandemic than Miami Beach.

Orlando Florida

Families looking for their next big vacation together will hardly find better deals than Orlando, where travel packages start from as little as $ 45 a night.

Napa, California

No US travel destination is as iconic for wine lovers and would-be vino connoisseurs as Napa Valley. Currently, is cutting prices for California’s wine country to just $ 80 a night.

San Francisco

For a double head vacation besides Napa, consider spending a couple of nights in nearby San Francisco. Stays in the notoriously expensive city cost less than $ 60 a night.

Savannah, Georgia

Quaint historic charm, Mediterranean hospitality, and some of the most haunted homes in the nation – Savannah, Georgia has it all.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Few places are as perfect for families who love amusement parks, Dolly Parton fans, and hardcore hikers like Pigeon Forge.

The angel

If you’re after a real city break – like the Escape to the City – Los Angeles is about as metropolitan as the US

Washington, DC

It was a pretty “interesting” year in the capital of our country. Even so, there is no better place for a vacation for hardcore history and political fans than Washington, DC. Nightly prices start at just $ 66 with the latest sale from

Houston, Texas

For a taste of The Big South, a trip to Texas is unbeatable. Houston is one of’s biggest travel bargains for early 2021 travel with best rates starting at $ 40 per night.

Kahana, Hawaii

If Miami Beach is “near perfect,” we would argue that Hawaii is indeed perfect. Shop incredible travel deals in Maui’s quaint beach town of Kahana in 2021.

From now until March 31, 2021, offers a generous booking window with travel dates between January 5, 2021 and March 31, 2021. Of course, early bookers will get the best offers. So why wait If you’ve always traveled in the past nine months, book your next big US trip now with a minimum savings of up to 20%. 2021 Early Deals

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