Books for Your 2021 Studying Checklist

The outcasts by Misty Hayes

When Larna Collins finds her father’s diary hidden under the floor, it takes her to a small village in England – inhabited by vampires and full of deadly secrets. The Outcasts is the first novel in the Blood Dagger Trilogy by local writer Misty Hayes.

Tram 83 by Fiston Mwanza Mujila

Translated from French, the award-winning Congolese novel Tram 83 tells the story of two friends who meet in secession in the most notorious nightclub of a war-torn city-state, surrounded by profit seekers of all languages ​​and nationalities. With jazz rhythms, Tram 83 starts a new year with a new perspective on what it means to be part of the global village.

The artist’s way by Julia Cameron

At the start of a new year, it’s time to relax the things that have been holding us back. The Artist’s Way is a proven guided journey designed to help readers free their creative flow. Artists, entrepreneurs and everyone else looking for self-discovery and growth follow them.

5 questions: Misty Hayes

Tell me a little about yourself and how did you start writing? I’m a young adult fantasy writer, professional nerd, Spider-Man fanatic, movie buff, travel freak, and self-proclaimed “Doctor Who” companion. I’ve been writing over and over since 2012 – most of the time I’m working on a Young Adult Fantasy / Paranormal book series called The Blood Dagger Trilogy. I started thinking about writing about vampires at the height of the Twilight craze. I thought it would be fun to develop my own vampiric story. It turns out that vampires are very versatile creatures indeed.

Which writing habits and / or rituals do you find useful? Having writing habits means that I actually have time to develop those habits. I’m lucky if I can scrape together enough time to form a solid, passable sentence. I have a demanding full-time job (not writing) so I dream of having more time to write in most of my rituals, such as: “It’s 11:59 PM; I have enough time now to finish this novel. “In response to your question: One of my rituals is drinking plenty of coffee.

What lessons from 2020 will you take with you by 2021? I could possibly spend all day working on my answer to that question. My older sister Becky was diagnosed with colon cancer this year. It’s okay, but she is on track to a full recovery after surgery. But that brings me to my point: enjoy the little things and spend more time with your family (sure). Go offline. Do not let fear rule you. Be grateful for what you already have, especially your health.

What are you looking forward to in 2021? Less pandemic and more endemic.

What are your writing plans for this year? I’m currently working on a spin-off series from The Blood Dagger called Shield & Shade and am in the process of writing the first in a series of seven books that will be kind of a mix of Ready Player One meets Warcross.

Bio: A penchant for escaping headfirst into fantastic books has led Misty Hayes to write down her own adventures. As someone who has had a long career in law enforcement, Hayes loves strong female protagonists. The Blood Dagger series is an award-winning, high-octane paranormal trilogy for young adults.

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