British Airways Comes Under Fire For ‘Stingy’ Status Extension Policy

British Airways recently extended its frequent flyer status for an additional year. So far so normal (at least for the past 12 months).

What is different from the standard, however, is that not everyone is happy with the extension.

Various business class bloggers, enthusiasts, and frequent flyers have used social media (and their own online platforms) to express their disappointment that not everyone will be eligible.

Blogger Inside Flyer wrote, “The British Airways Executive Club made an announcement that will annoy as many members as they like. BA has decided to extend membership status for 12 months, but only for those whose Tier Point collection end date is on or before December 8, 2021. “

“Since the Executive Club had already extended the elite status of members in June – for members whose end date for the Tier Point collection was between July 2020 and June 2021 – this extension will only help about half of the BA members. Crucially, however, BA has stopped calling it “enlargement” and instead calls it “protection” of member status. “

The flight surveyor Economy Class & Beyond wrote: “British Airways will expand the status of its Executive Club members. However, it seems that not everyone will benefit from it. “

“The net result is that no member of the British Airways Executive Club, including bronze, silver and gold card holders, will lose their tier status in 2021. However, those beyond the dates given by British Airways currently have none further status protection. “

The reviewer also noted, “The number of Tier Points to qualify for British Airways Executive Club status will remain reduced for now (with a 25% lower requirement).”

  • Bronze: 300 to 225 status points or 18 eligible flights
  • Silver: 600 to 450 status points or 37 eligible flights
  • Gold: From 1500 to 1125 level points

Immanuel Debeer, full-time luxury travel hacker and founder of Flight Hacks, told DMARGE: “Most people with BA status haven’t been able to fly much in the past 12 months. The status was renewed last year, but for obvious reasons it made sense to do so again this year. However, they have left out a large part of their membership base by excluding those whose renewal date falls in the first part of 2022. “

“It just feels stingy to me considering that everyone would love to go out and fly, but when you’re in the UK that’s just not a viable option.”

Commenting on the changes, Niall Rooney, Head of the British Airways Executive Club, said: “As we await the government’s decision in April and plan to safely restart the trip as soon as possible, we would like to thank our Executive Club members for their loyalty during the Thank you report The most difficult time in the history of the airline. “

“We know many of our members have not been able to travel, but today’s news means they will retain their benefits longer and take advantage of them when they can fly again. We hope this complements a number of measures that we have already put in place, including our book of trustful engagement, which provides flexibility and security for our customers. “

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