Character that’s Arduous to Match

Rahul Ahuja says his favorite food is pizza, biryani and kebabs. The whole idea of ​​becoming an influencer started when he was taking pictures and videos of food with friends and family members during his travel adventures.

Rahul Ahuja, a serial entrepreneur and social media expert, believes that creating memories is important. After all, memories are the only thing that will stay for a long time, because everything else in this world is only temporary. “Such a thought of the sensational social media influencer creates a special place in the heart of his followers and motivates him to live life to the fullest.

Rahul Ahuja

Better known as “EatsIndia” and a true foodie who says food is his first true love

Rahul Ahuja is a professional social worker who has successfully completed his Master in Social Work (MSW) and has been working with the disadvantaged part of society on the grassroots for years.

He’s hands-on and committed to that passion for food blogging and making his foodie journey a remarkable trip by being a true influencer.

He loves interacting with new people in the F&B industry and has made a name for himself in the industry.

Rahul’s emerging story is truly an inspiration to those struggling to make it big in the industry.

Rahul Ahuja eatsindia believes that food and travel stories should be shared. Hence, he is continuously engaged by sharing engaging posts with other celebs, businesses, friends and family members.

Rahul Ahuja Rahul Ahuja

Rahul Ahuja has done it while blogging food through his Instagram page: @eatsindia. When we talk about the best food bloggers in India his name definitely pops up on the mind and when it comes to influencers in India he’s right up there on the mountain.

The key to becoming a successful food blogger in India is to stay motivated even when the magic isn’t happening.

To become a successful entrepreneur like Rahul Ahuja, one has to stay motivated and active in the community – both online and offline – and post regularly on social media.

That being said, there are many other factors to look out for in order to become a successful food blogger in India. This includes not making excuses for food posts or blogs, partnering with successful food bloggers, showing a helpful trait when you are successful, and sharing a passion for food and food travel.

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