Cloud Mild Publishing Releases Book About Journey To DC And How Drain The Swamp Turned A Fashionable Phrase

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WASHINGTON: A View of the Swamp: Foreign Impressions of Washington, DC from the Founding Period to the Civil War, edited with an introduction by Christopher Lee Philips, is a collection of the writings of foreign travelers who visited Washington, DC during its creation from the 1790s through the 1790s 1860s.

First impressions of the nation’s capital were often critical, especially with the British, who had recently lost their American colonies to the independence of a brilliant generation of upstart. Some visitors thought the city never really meant anything. A city can never become significant, wrote Irish traveler Isaac Weld Jr. Frances Trollope remarked that foreigners laughed at it. For Charles Augustus Murray, Washington, DC was like the bottom of an ancient lake. A generation after his mother’s visit, the English writer Anthony Trollope was dull when he thought about the war of 1812 and simply said we burned it.

Early travelers to Washington, DC faced major challenges. Roads were poor to nonexistent, comfortable hotels were few, and good restaurants, where available, were of paramount importance. Some of the visitors were just tourists. Others were scouts for investors or investors themselves. There were abolitionists, diplomats, feminists, members of the military, and probably some spies. Attending a congressional session was a mandatory feat for many who would consider their visit incomplete without observing the political process in the US. These intrepid early visitors to Washington, DC saw and lived to tell of the growth and development of the new capital and the new nation.

Drain the swamp? A capital idea indeed.

A view of the swamp is available through Amazon. Kindle Edition [ASIN B08BJD71V2] $ 9.99.

Paperback edition [ISBN-10 1096640716; ISBN-13 978-1096640714] $ 19.95. A limited number of review copies are available.

Author biography

Christopher Lee Philips attended the Humanities Department at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. After moving to Washington DC, he worked briefly in the research department of the Washington Post and at United Press International. His writing has been featured in various publications including Virginian-Pilot, Washingtonian and World War II. As a licensed tour guide in the country’s capital, he is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG- AFTRA).

Cloud Light Publishing publishes book about traveling to DC and how Drain the Swamp became a popular phrase

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