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The theme of the cruise concept can be convincing for guests as it combines a dynamic festival experience with all the entertaining elements of a cruise. Music-themed cruises give fans the chance to sail with musicians they admire while mingling with other superfans.

Check out some of the themed cruises coming up in 2022: Star Trek (Royal Caribbean), ’70s Rock and Romance Cruise with Foreigner and Air Supply (Celebrity Cruises), Ultimate Disco Cruise with Kool and the Gang (Celebrity Cruises), and The Outlaw Country Cruise with Emmylou Harris & The Hot Band (Sixthman).

Taking out travel insurance for a theme cruise follows the same strategy as for other vacations:

  • First, take a look at your non-refundable and prepaid deposits. You would like to cover this with travel cancellation insurance.
  • Also, think about how much you want in travel health insurance. This pays off for the medical expenses and the cost of getting you to another hospital if necessary.
  • Get travel insurance right after booking the trip so you can add an exemption to pre-existing conditions that can cover existing medical issues.

“When booking a theme cruise, the most important thing to consider is the cancellation policy, as the policies of the charter companies can differ from the policies of the cruise companies,” said Chris Gray Faust, spokesman for Cruise Critic.

She says to make sure you know what your deposit covers, as well as the refund and payment policies, before you book.

“Many charter cruises require full prepayment, or cruisers are required to set up a payment plan that covers the full cost of the cruise well in advance of the industry’s 90 days.”

While most people are concerned about recovering the non-refundable portion of their trip, coverage for emergency medical treatment and medical evacuation is just as important, says Joy Todaro, senior manager, guest and community relationships at Sixthman.

“The same incidents that can happen in everyday life can happen on vacation and these things can get very expensive very quickly if you don’t have travel protection.”

Themed cruise insurance covers the same issues you would find on a regular cruise. However, it is important to note that travel insurance does not cover changes to music or speakers.

“Let’s say you booked a seat on the 80s Cruise just because the B-52s were your favorite band and they were supposed to be playing,” says Gray Faust. If the band cancels or the charter company replaces some other act that you don’t like, your travel insurance won’t cover your disappointment.

But you might still have a way out if the cruise theme takes a turn. Cancellation for any reason is an add-on to travel insurance and allows you to get reimbursed for travel cancellations regardless of your reason.

Cruise to Covid

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you need to be flexible about your sailing plans.

“We see more and more guests planning their short breaks for the coming months. They are ready to have vacation plans to look forward to, ”said Anthony Diaz, CEO of Sixthman, which specializes in producing festivals at sea and in resorts.

It is best to get travel insurance soon after booking a trip, whether it is a cruise or a land adventure. Your travel cancellation insurance starts immediately, even if the trip is barely on the horizon.

Some credit cards offer travel protection. However, if you rely on it make sure you understand exactly what is included and any limitations on coverage.

Todaro notes that the unexpected is always a possibility, no matter what is going on in the world. “But we are certainly seeing a surge in interest in travel protection as we prepare to bring people back on vacation in an unsafe climate,” she says.

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