Cornwall begs households to ebook holidays this summer time after £1bn loss in tourism on account of Covid

CORNWALL is asking families to book a vacation to the area this year after the pandemic decimated the tourism industry.

Popular with families for its number of beaches and coastal towns, the popular vacation destination has posted a £ 1 billion loss in the past 14 months.


The Cornwall tourism industry has lost £ 1bn to the pandemic

The lockdown of the pandemic, especially during the high season, resulted in a drop in the usual number of visitors.

Malcolm Bell, head of Cornwall, told the BBC that families should book a vacation to the area this summer to help the tourism industry.

He also said that nervous families who fear their trip will stop rest assured they can get a refund or reschedule their vacation dates.

He said he supported the lockdown 100 percent but added, “I don’t think it’s irresponsible to look ahead to summer and fall and say, ‘Book now’ so that companies can already have some healthy ones Have reservations. “”

Last summer, Cornwall saw a huge surge in bookings when the lockdown was lifted. This set a record of staying in the UK when the British decided to vacation in the local area.

There was a large influx of families last year when the lockdown was lifted in the summer


There was a large influx of families last year when the lockdown was lifted in the summerPhoto credit: Getty Images – Getty
Now families are being asked to book their vacation for the summer so that the region can survive


Now families are being asked to book their vacation for the summer so that the region can survivePhoto credit: Getty Images – Getty

This was short-lived, however, and with Cornwall being the most popular during the summer months, bookings are now required to survive.

Mr Bell said there was hope over the launch of the vaccine, which made older travelers already feel safer to book vacations, but that Cornwall now needed future bookings to avoid business closings.

Holidays are slowly recovering – Away Resorts, which have a number of holiday parks across the UK, saw a booking boom, up 14 percent year over year.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock also said he would be planning a trip to the south coast this year.

He said, “I’m going to Cornwall. And I said before I think we’re going to have a great British summer.”

Now is also the best time to book a trip as tour operators cut their prices to promote the vacation.

However, as demand approaches summer, prices are expected to rise while some hotels and holiday parks may even sell out.


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Paul Charles, of the PC Agency, said he was confident that while overseas travel would not be an option until summer at the earliest, the holidays would likely start again around Easter.

Cornwall was one of the few areas that was in Level 1 before the lockdown.

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