D&D Reveals New Book, Candlekeep Mysteries, Designed for One-Shot Adventures

Wizards of the Coast has announced a new Dungeons and Dragons book entitled Candlekeep Mysteries, which will be released on March 16. The title alludes to the Candlekeep library fortress, which fans of the Forgotten Realms campaign will be familiar with. The volume will contain “seventeen puzzles-themed adventures, each centered around a single book in the legendary library fortress” and background information on Candlekeep itself. The expeditions offered by Candlekeep Mysteries are designed to be played as one-shots. So they will be completed within one tabletop session.

Adventures in Candlekeep include “The Canopic Being,” in which “a book brings to light several puzzling organ transplants,” “Kandlekeep Deconstruction,” in which “a stolen book leads adventurers to a tower in Candlekeep that is more than it is seems “and ‘Zikran’s Zephyrean Tome’ where” a genie trapped in a book offers a wishing spell to adventurers who find a way to release it. “

Dungeons & Dragons: Candlekeep Mysteries – Cover and Art

However, Dungeon Masters can seamlessly fit these stories into existing campaigns. According to WOTC, the book is useful for DMs who want to “add new characters, story hooks, magical items, and monsters to their game without a lot of preparation.” Chris Perkins, Principal Story Designer of Dungeons and Dragons, notes that the anthology is intended to “reflect the incredible creativity of the D&D community” as it contains adventures written by a variety of authors (see below):


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  • Kelly Lynne D’Angelo (@kellylynnedang)
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