Details About Whatsapp FM

Whatsapp FM

Whatsapp FM is an app similar to Original Whatsapp with the same UI. The purpose of developing WhatsApp FM was to give the users more accessibility, flexibility, and customization over their favorite app. With the increase in access to the internet, people have shifted from traditional messaging to apps like Whatsapp and Whatsapp Fm. With this increase, the developers have constantly been trying to improve user experience by adding more and more features every day, but original WhatsApp somewhat lacks this department. No doubt WhatsApp has been adding features regularly, by they still would not give the users what they want. Here WhatsApp FM provides users precisely what they want, complete control over their app with tons of customizations themes and features.

Whatsapp FM is famous for its features, such as its themes that users can download within the app and minimum effort. It also includes features like users can hide their Last seen, and they have the option to hide blue tick even after they have “seen” the message.

With the growing knowledge about privacy, everyone likes to keep their phones locked. Whatsapp FM not only provides the feature to lock the app itself but also has the option to lock or hide any or all chats, which can only be accessed by providing a pattern or PIN.

FM Whatsapp has kept the UI similar to WhatsApp so that it is user-friendly, and no extra effort is needed to learn to use this app. The main focus of this app is to keep its users happy. It has many other features, some of which are listed below. You can download fm whatsapp from here.

Privacy and Security

  • Hide Last seen (contacts will not be able to see users last seen)
  • Disable Forwarded (allows user to re-send messages without forwarding tag)
  • Hide View status (when enabled, it doesn’t tell contacts that you viewed their status)
  • Anti-Delete status (user can view even the deleted status and stories)

Other Preferences

  • Can hide Muted status updates (hides the muted updates section on status screen)
  • Hide Viewed status updates (hides the viewed updates section on status screen)
  • Hide recent update section on the status screen
  • Can change launcher icon from a large number of icons provided by Whatsapp FM

Universal Settings

  • Self-Destructive Messages
  • Send Photos in best/original Quality (can send photos up to 100 million pixels in 100% image quality)
  • Increase MB limit of Media and status user wants to send (Can send photos, videos, audios or status up to 80 MB)


FM Whatsapp has a theme store where multiple premade themes are stored for users to select and apply to customize their app according to their taste. There is also an option of DIY Themes (Do it yourself), allowing users to customize the following options.


  1. Is Whatsapp FM available on iPhone(IOS)? 

No! Currently, Whatsapp FM is only available on android Phones and tablets running on android 4.4 or higher; however, it can be used on PC using android emulators.

  1. How to update Whatsapp FM?

Whatsapp FM can easily be updated from inside the app. Click > FM settings > Upgrade FM.

  1. Can Whatsapp and Whatsapp FM be used simultaneously?

No! These two apps cannot be used on the same android phone simultaneously


Original Whatsapp may be a near-perfect app lacking only a couple of functionalities, often where FM Whatsapp comes into play. FM Whatsapp provides much-needed features to users. it’s its benefits, but there’s a drawback of FM Whatsapp. FM Whatsapp lacks the privacy Whatsapp gives, i.e., FM WhatsApp’s moderators can view or share users’ messages to 3rd parties. If one prefers customizability over confidentiality, then this is often the right app for that person.

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