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While travel may seem out of reach for most of us right now, it can be a good time to plan future trips with the help of some wonderful travel books. Regardless of whether the guide is historical or current and practical, the authors of the following books offer insights not only into the places and places they visit, but also into the culture, people, and joy of viewing the world around us discover.

Colin Thubron’s Journey to Cyprus was first published in 1975 and tells the story of the author’s remarkable journey on foot through Cyprus in the spring and summer of 1972 before the illegal Turkish invasion and occupation in 1974 that split the island nation. The latest edition of the book includes a 1985 foreword with a sadly pessimistic view of the future of Cyprus that seems harsh, especially to those who continue the struggle for unity and justice for Cyprus.

Thubron, a British travel writer and writer, vividly describes the beauty of the countryside and the hospitality of the people from the first chapter, but does not shy away from showing the edgy nature of some, including the old man at the beginning of his life journey trying to get him convince them not to. You can hear the man’s voice clearly in the Neolithic city of Khirokitia, where in the midst of the ruins, Thubron says, “You see, it’s like I told you … nothing. Just stones. “

Thubron transports us to a moment in the history of Cyprus in this unique account of his 600 mile hike through the country. Hopefully everyone can follow in his footsteps again soon.

For those of us who travel to Greece regularly, especially in the summer, the capital is sometimes just a stop on the way to our village or island destination, but 111 places in Athens not to be missed by Alexia Amvrazi, Diana Farr Louis and Diane Shugart will convince you that visiting Athens all year round may not be enough time to enjoy all that it has to offer. Even those who spend a lot of time in Athens will no doubt be amazed by the impressive list of different locations and the rich descriptions and history behind them. The beautiful photos of the book by Yannis Varouhakis will make you book your flight ASAP.

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111 Places in Athens You Shouldn’t Miss by Alexia Amvrazi, Diana Farr Louis and Diane Shugart. (Photo: Amazon)

Rick Steves is known to regular PBS viewers as the host of his long-running travel series, in which he offers tips and insights into various destinations in Europe. His latest travel guide, titled For the Love of Europe: My Favorite Places, People and Stories, is written in Steve’s signature, easy-to-read style with his signature humor, and brings together 100 of his favorite memories into an inspiring collection. After more than 40 years of traveling across Europe, Steves picks up his carefully packed backpack and shares his love of travel.

Greece is one of the destinations in this book, of course, and in just a few pages, some of which may not say enough, Steves manages to capture some charming moments in Nafplio and Hydra interacting with locals, including a man who Spent money in New Jersey for 20 years before returning home to find that he “never took a nap” in the US.

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For the love of Europe: My favorite places, people and stories from Rick Steves. (Photo: Amazon)

The book’s final chapter, “The Essence of Good Travel: Connecting With People,” highlights Steve’s philosophy of travel. He writes: “While some people count the countries they have visited and write them down on a checklist, that number means nothing to me. Instead, count the friends you’ve made far from home. “

The book also includes a guide to clips from Rick Steves ‘Europe TV show, which is available on Steves’ website: ricksteves.com.

The above books are all available online and in bookstores.

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