Dr. Seuss sale — save up to 50% at Amazon

Forget GameStop. This week, Dr. Seuss the highest heights after Dr. Seuss Enterprises has announced that it will no longer publish six books written by the author of the deceased children. The titles have been removed because they “portray people in a hurtful and incorrect way”.

However, books that weren’t banned have taken over from Amazon and now dominate the retailer’s top 10 bestseller list. What’s even better is that Amazon offers up to 50% off selected titles (hardcover and Kindle editions). Whether you buy them for yourself (we won’t tell) or give them to a child, take a trip to Seussland with these discounted classics.

Dr. Seuss sold on Amazon

Green eggs and ham: was $ 10 now $ 4 @ Amazon
The hardcover of Dr. Seuss’ classic green eggs and ham is available for $ 4.79 (52% off). This special edition includes a peel-off sticker for the book’s 60th anniversary. Show deal

The cat in the hat: was $ 10 now $ 7 @ Amazon
The hardcover edition may be sold out, but Amazon is reducing the Kindle edition of The Cat in the Hat by 20%. Show deal

Oh the places you are going to go !: was $ 18 now $ 9 @ Amazon
Discover great sights without leaving your home. This perennial favorite is now 47% cheaper (Kindle Edition only). Show deal

Book of colors: was $ 10 now $ 5 @ amazon
This concept book with artworks by other Dr. Seuss classic is aimed at beginners. The hardcover is 40% off. Show deal

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