e book a Disney vacation post-coronavirus

DISNEY-crazy families will happily return to the theme parks but remain off the travel list as the US hasn’t welcomed the British back yet.

Disneyland Paris will also remain closed, with France on the UK quarantine list.


So book your Disney vacation and make the most of your post-pandemic tripCredit: Alamy

However, if the parks reopen, it is likely that they will have a very different experience even after the pandemic.

We’ve explained everything you need to consider when booking your Disney World vacation to be safe and get the most of your well-deserved vacation.

Choose a room on the ground floor

One of the rules in many Disney hotels is to continue to maintain social distance while using public spaces, especially the corridors and elevators.

Some smaller elevators only let a few people in at a time, which means you might end up in a long line.

This can be almost impossible when the hotel is manned and other guests may not be following the rules.

Avoid high floors as hotels may still have social distancing measures in place


Avoid high floors as hotels may still have social distancing measures in place

Choosing a ground floor will help you avoid busy stairs and elevators and be a bit safer.

You’ll also have to spend less time waiting every time you want to go back to your room.

Opt for restaurants without a buffet

Buffets, once the best part of a hotel breakfast, are unlikely to return to restaurants anytime soon, though some resorts still offer them, with service staff behind them.

When choosing the restaurants to include in your package, be sure to investigate them to review their security logs.

Many now only offer table service, which reduces your risk.

Choose restaurants with tablet service instead of buffets


Choose restaurants with tablet service instead of buffetsPhoto credit: 2020 Los Angeles TimesYou can easily be safe even when traveling after the pandemic


You can easily be safe even when traveling after the pandemicPhoto credit: Rex Features

Book through travel agents

British families not only need to book flights to Disney World, but also hotels and parking tickets.

If the vacation does not take place it can affect three different parts of the trip that must be canceled without guaranteeing that all your money will be returned.

Booking through a travel agent not only provides extra protection, but it can often help you find Disney packages that have it all

This is also helpful if you need to cancel or reschedule the entire trip.

Pick a hotel with more to do

Park Hopper tickets have been blocked for the time being, some attractions are still closed.

Some families may spend more time at their hotel than usual, which means a time with no added amenities can ruin the vacation.

Swimming pools and water parks are often on-site at the resorts, giving you more choice if you can’t make it to one of the parks.


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