Enterprise of the Month: JoyUp Providers helps to information individuals by way of grief to pleasure

From Busta Brown

My lovely mother, Deborah Jean Brown, was laid to rest on December 7, 2020, and my siblings and I haven’t slept much since then. I’ve tried many times to convince myself that my mom is in a better place that I know she is. But in the middle of the night, my flesh and heart screaming, there is no better place for my mother than here with her children who love her very much. I miss them far more than any words in a book or song. I am in tears right now and am struggling to write this story. But my mother would say, “Boy, go ahead, boy.”

As a man of God, I know my mother is at peace, but I can’t let her go. I haven’t called any of my pastor friends or my Christian friends because there are times when you just need to vent and be heard without feeling like you’re hearing a sermon.

This is where a company like JoyUp Services comes into play. It is a bereavement service for children, parents and adults. JoyUp Services helps you process grief through personable conversations so that you can let go and really be heard.

CEO Christina Stanley decided to open her business in Winston-Salem after seeing firsthand how grief affects children. Seeing her nieces lost and confused after her grandmother died broke Christina’s heart. Seeing her cousin, who is her mother, struggled to explain why her daughters couldn’t go to the hospital to see their grandmother was also heartbreaking. “My grandmother was in a unit where children under the age of 18 had no visitors. It was very difficult for my cousin to explain my grandmother’s death to my nieces. My sister’s son, who was three years old at the time, also asked where is my nana? Like my nieces, he did not understand what was going on. Every time he saw me, my grandmother was with me. So when he saw me, we had to explain what was happening over and over again. I saw a real need for JoyUp Services, ”said Stanley.

JoyUp shows you how to explain the death of a loved one to children. They also teach you about the stages of grief, the triggers for grief, and the aftermath of the funeral with healthy methods of dealing with grief.

“Seeing something that reminds us of someone who has passed away is one of the most common causes of grief. We’ll walk you through dealing with each trigger rather than avoiding them. The stages of grief are denial, anger, depression, negotiation, and acceptance. JoyUp Services guides you through healthy methods to deal with each stage of grief. The first step in healing is knowing that it is okay to be wrong. We make sure that you do not feel alone in the grief process. Yes, prayer is key to get through, but you also need that connection with someone who has the same experience and knows how to guide you through prayer first hand, ”said Christina.

I asked Stanley, what should we do if someone has a grief trigger? She replied, “Allow them to vent, scream, speak, or whatever they need to let go of their pain. Make sure they know you are supporting them because sometimes all they need to do is listen and hug. I just know you care. ”

As she spoke, I sometimes laughed softly because she was great at explaining the process of grief. I got free service.

JoyUp Services is very important because so many of us don’t know how to effectively process grief and that’s fine. That’s what JoyUp is for. Christina Stanley was one of those people who had to learn how to process grief and accept that their grandmother is now in a far better place than we are on earth. She has found her peace and is now helping others to do the same.

The first step is just a phone call away. “I will give you a 30 minute free consultation to discuss how you or your loved one are feeling and to check for any signs of stages of grief. If you decide to use my services, we will start with virtual sessions. I do individual and group sessions. I guide children on how to express their feelings in healthy ways and encourage adults to joy on the path through grief. “

Christina Stanley also wrote two children’s books: “Remember me in heaven. Helping Children Go from Grief to Joy ”, which is about their grandmother, and“ Leading Children through Grief ”. Christina said, “It’s a workbook that kids can paint, draw and write in to share their different emotions. It makes it easier for a child to share their thoughts when they are uncomfortable. The workbook also helps start this discussion with her parents, ”said Christina.

I read a very impressive testimonial from an Amazon reviewer who wrote, “This book was great! My kids loved it! I can’t wait to share it with my nieces and nephews because it’s important that we show our kids how to identify and deal with their feelings. This book is a great tool to help with loss. ”

Stanley has a lot of experience working with children. She was an elementary school teacher for seven years and has a master’s degree in education. Stanley also takes courses to obtain a certified drug abuse license. Congratulations on Chronicle Month Business of the Month, JoyUp Services.

The CEO ended our interview with a word from the Bible: “Weeping may last a night, but joy comes in the morning.”

For more information and how to contact Christina Stanley, visit www.joyupservices.com and author Christina Stanley on Facebook.

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