Essentially the most decadent new villas anyplace on the earth, to ebook in 2021

BVIs fans have flocked to Richard Branson’s Necker Island for years. What is less known is that Branson also developed another island two miles away to make a similar offering. The 125 hectare Mosquito Island will officially open this year. It is almost twice the size of Necker and consists of ten privately owned properties, including the Branson Estate.

Branson’s offers space for 22 people in three villas (Headland House, Mangrove Villa and Beach Villa) with eleven bedrooms in between. Each has a freshwater infinity pool, open living areas with kitchens, living and dining rooms and doors that retreat around the house.

The other properties can be booked later in the year. There is also a shared beach house, infinity pool, bar, tennis courts, dining pavilions, and a water sports center. There’s also mountain biking, kite surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, water skiing, snorkeling, and diving. The property also has a dedicated beauty therapist.

Carrier offers 7 nights of all-inclusive exclusive use of the Branson Estate from £ 108,040 (£ 13,505 per person) for 8 adults sharing a four bedroom villa, including business class return flights from London and private charter from Antigua to BVIs based on departure June 05, 2021 ..

Fynbos family house, South Africa

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