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Companies are going through tectonic changes. There are widespread disruptions that are changing the landscape on which our careers rest (or unrest). With the introduction of new opportunities and challenges arising from the sharing economy, digital disruptions, work from home and the gig economy, one must constantly look inward and have a sounding board to successfully manage these shifts.

We live in times when the average career span of a manager is longer than the lifespan of a company – it is time to decipher the new success graph that is not a straight line – never is – never was, but now more is turbulent like never before. It becomes even more difficult when we look back at careers to determine the future. The rules of the game are being rewritten so often that the new career life jacket is “Keeping Up” to keep up with yourself.

I’ve known Shiv since he was at Nokia and saw him move from Nokia to Pepsi and now to ABG. To begin with, I have to admit that I would read every book he writes. I’ve attended many of his meetings and invited him to speak to my teams and the entire organization.

This book covers every age group from a management trainee to a founder, a working mom, to someone planning to hang up their boots and then wear another pair. Various.

That we all face many dilemmas in our lives is no understatement. The right choice is the perfect guide for any college student, fresh graduate and professional, woman, mother, would-be board member who is currently and about to become CEO.

Insights from industry leaders who have traveled such journeys through the ups and downs and the sides and more share their stories and how they solved many of these dilemmas that got in the way. It’s not the story alone that connects, but how Shiv gets the most out of them, which gives a glimpse of the homework he did before sitting with them. This is Shiv. The book uses data to support many arguments connecting many points.

No matter what stage of your work or where in the world you are, this book offers the perspective you need and the support to help you address many of these dilemmas. How to encourage your spouse and still manage your career, when to switch industries and for whatever reason, when to switch countries, separate from family while at work, think about another MBA and what old the age is in today World is when you acquire one. As a manager who leads an employee, a star who wants to take a sabbatical year and how one can support him / her with this decision.

The dilemma of becoming an entrepreneur takes on gigantic proportions in an economy that supports the start-up ecosystem. Still one of the many regrets of many successful professionals I have spoken / met with myself. While the mental state and situation influence these decisions, there is a wide funnel through which one can let this past run through, and not just intuition. The detail in which Shiv talks about product ideas, funding, challenges, and investors is very illuminating.

Many college students face dilemmas as they plan their careers and first jobs. You will benefit greatly from this chapter. Shiv describes several points that a new professional must be aware of. Should money be the decision criterion? I wish this book had been written when I set out on the trip. However, it is never too late to shape our decisions in terms of working life. The options / choices have multiplied since the beginning of our careers.

How can you improve your professional life? An MBA is something everyone thinks about, but a second MBA. !! Shiv will guide you through why you want to do this second MBA.

Many couples stay apart while pursuing their dreams. Many working couples face this dilemma in balancing family commitments and careers. While young professionals are faced with this dilemma, there are various social factors such as family, support systems, etc. What “calculations” can be done before making such a decision? Job change !! When, how does it help? Or not. If you need to get back to your old job, you need to make yourself valuable enough that your old employer is keeping an eye on you and wants you back. Shiv is a perfect guide to building a good reputation in your job at all times.

A break for some time, a gap year, and a sabbatical year are so much more acceptable now in the world we live in. I need “my time”. But so many don’t take, or should they? Both professionals and entrepreneurs take a sabbatical year between ventures for several reasons. I don’t think it’s limited to just a professional. What role does a spouse play in this decision, or a friend caring for another friend?

Change industries and countries. That can lead to sleepless nights. Shiv shares his journey from Nokia to PepsiCo. The planning that was needed to prepare for this transition and speaking to as many people as possible and summarizing as much advice as possible plus some important detailed advice. Aside from himself, Shiv gives real-life interviews with executives who have faced this dilemma and how they dealt with it. The different perspectives bring clarity to such high-level decisions.

Emigrate! Cultural change and adaptation can be a nightmare. Work-life balance and self-management in these areas can be a more important catalyst for success than achieving goals. Shiv brings to the fore data and charts / statistics that aid work-life balance, career opportunities, salary, global experience, and job security.

The fact that Shiv was a professional doesn’t prevent him from testing and bringing what it takes to be an entrepreneur. And this is a part that touches, warms up the cockles and makes them feel younger, passionate and energetic when it was a dream.

Board roles are more common in the past than ever before. How should one negotiate and gather information about the company, the CEO, what amount of time it might take? How to keep your balance and who to connect with. Some reliable charts and statistics about women on board. The fact that Shiv is on many boards himself gives him the legitimacy to ponder it while sharing the stories of other board members. An absolute pleasure.

And that brings me to my favorite chapter as it resonates with my current career level. The real challenges and sacrifices of a CEO. Full of insights and great feedback from seasoned industry leaders. It describes the complicated and challenging position a CEO is constantly negotiating about. With all of the rewards and accolades that this position brings, there are also some pros and cons that a CEO needs to be careful of. Shiv has been CEO for more than half his career, and the wisdom in this chapter exudes.

There are various dilemmas that we all face in the course of our lives. However, the book is about career dilemmas and gives you a great perspective on several ways to embrace them. I think I could relate them from different perspectives of a husband, father, employer, supportive friend, and start-up mentor. Age, place, current situation is “NO BAR” to gain an informative and priceless perspective. Reading this book is “the right choice”.

(All views presented in this article are those of the author.)

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