Experiencing the all new ICICI Financial institution Mine department at Manyata Tech Park Bengaluru

Do you remember standing in line after receiving a token for banking related activities? If you’re struck by the nostalgia and the ever-changing tech environment, we’ve come a long way in every sector establishing one of the leading banks in India A unique offering for Millennials who need a fast paced lifestyle and want to rely on the go!

ICICI Bank recently unveiled a unique offering called “ICICI Bank MINE”, specially curated for Millennials. The new offering, which is quick, easy and promising quick results, is exactly what Millennials need in 2020. To name just a few:

Instant opening of a savings account

A Millennial can easily open a savings account completely digitally and instantly on the bank’s website or in the iMobile application using their Aadhaar and PAN card. The account number and a virtual debit card are generated instantly, which can be used instantly by customers to make transactions and make online payments.

New look iMobile:

Customers get instant access to a redesigned “iMobile”, the bank’s mobile banking app, with an updated user interface / UX and thousand-year-old friendly language. The new version offers customers two additional advantages in addition to the existing functions.

New credit card with curated features

ICICI Bank offers the country’s first Flexi Plan credit card that allows ICICI Bank MINE customers to choose a plan each month that suits their lifestyle and monthly needs. You can choose a plan from a bouquet of three by simply clicking on iMobile.

Immediate personal loan and overdraft facility

Millennial customers can take advantage of two instant loan facilities through ‘iMobile’ to meet their expectations. Pre-approved customers can use the Insta Personal Loan feature up to £ 25 in just three seconds for one-time needs such as household purchases, weddings and moving. You can also finance unforeseen monthly recurring expenses by taking advantage of Insta Flexicash, an overdraft facility linked to your ICICI Bank Mine account.

I recently discovered all of this and took the opportunity to get to know the ICICI Bank Mine as, as an enthusiast, I would love to explore the latest technological changes. Read more about my experiences here:

The new bank branch, or the new place where millennials can hang out, is in Manyata Tech Park, a hub for many office-goers young and old in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka.

I visited this new branch and the first thing I noticed when I walked in were the kiosks and the new interiors of the branches that looked swanky and elegant. As I entered, I noticed a scrawl with the words “DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE” – a motto that every millennium has effortlessly internalized these days.

With all the security in place amid the pandemic, I walked into the office which from the moment I walked in didn’t feel like a bank at all. It felt more like a place to relax and linger where the teenagers were happy to sit down with their people. Another doodle greeted me and read, “You were born to be a star.” This statement hits me every day so I immediately felt a connection and was happy to spend more time in this bright and colorful bank.

I believe everyone was born to be a star and this scribble on the wall is aimed solely at the younger generation so they will feel welcome from the start.

A quick look at the office space was enough to see the “Create Avatar” section with a doodle and machine that can’t be missed. This is the bank branch’s first point of contact. From here you can see ICICI Bank MINE and browse details on offers, products, RBI advisories and much more. You can also apply for products without being a customer of ICICI Bank.

I explored the Create Your Avatar machine and tried out its fun, interactive features which turned out to be very detailed in terms of information about the bank and other related services. Everything was available with just a click of the button, which takes convenience to the next level. Here you can also enter your AADHAR and PAN card details and open the ICICI Bank MINE account immediately. No waiting, no paperwork, only your account was digitally opened with just a few clicks.

Then I went on and saw a machine – a unique one in a bank. A little further down was a nice common area with comfortable seating and I was intrigued to use the vending machine so I bought some of my favorite snacks and settled there for a bit.

The entire store is one spacious room, which means that there are no problems with people crowding it.

I also explored the ICICI Bank MINE section of my ICICI Bank mobile application. The iMobile app has a new UX / UI app with all the details millennials need. The app has a well-run tutorial that guides you through steps you can take if you’re not a customer but want to open an account. The process is instant and you get quick access to a virtual debit card. You can also use the app for bill payments, purchases, restaurants and additionally for investments, savings, FDs and a variety of other banking-related operations.

The mobile application was interactive, user-friendly and especially user-friendly for young people.

After exploring the application for some time, I continued to explore the industry and reached the ‘MINE Live’ performance area – an event space that hosts specially curated virtual events related to travel, lifestyle entertainment, etc.

The opposite side of the ‘MINE live’ area consisted of an interactive kiosk with three tabs. Of the three, one tab is called DIGI Branch, which can be used by an ICICI Bank customer where they can log in and get the required information.

To the right of this wall is “The Rockstars of Innovation,” a digital display on the wall where the bank showcases its various products and offerings.

Last but not the least is a touch of human interaction that you can do at i-dream – give wings to your ambition area where you can clarify any questions and get the information you need by interacting with a bank staff who are you and help you To clarify your doubts. For more information, see the Dream Catcher section – a place dedicated to the store manager.

You can ask the bank staff or the bank manager for help straight away and it was a unique experience ICICI Bank had for the young generation of Indians who are the building blocks of the economy.

Visit this amazing ICICI Bank MINE branch and share your experience with me!

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