Falcon’s Flight: Report-breaking curler coaster will journey greater than 155 miles per hour

(CNN) – A roller coaster currently being developed in the Middle East is set to break existing records for speed, altitude and track length.

The ride called “Falcon’s Flight” will be the main attraction of Six Flags Qiddiya, which opens in 2023 in Saudi Arabia outside the capital Riyadh.

According to a press release from the Qiddiya Investment Company, which worked with Six Flags in the US to build the park, the coaster will run over four kilometers of track.

Thanks to Magnetic Motor Acceleration (LSM technology), riders will experience the thrill of diving over a vertical cliff into a 160 meter (525 feet) deep valley and “reaching unprecedented speeds of over 250 km / h” – approximately 155 miles per hour.

“The Falcon’s Flight will also be the tallest freestanding coaster structure in the world, with a parabolic airtime mound that allows for a weightless airtime experience,” the press release said.

It takes up to 20 passengers on a three-minute journey and offers panoramic views of Six Flags Qiddiya. If the video rendering produced by Qiddiya is an accurate representation of what guests will experience, then this is only for real thrill seekers.

In terms of the park, Six Flags Qiddiya has 28 rides and attractions in six themed areas: The City of Thrills; Discovery Springs; Steam city; Twilight Gardens; Valley of happiness; and great exhibition.

Fittingly, the Falcon’s flight will be part of the city of thrills, along with the Sirocco Tower which will be the tallest drop tower ride in the world.

Construction of the park, about 40 minutes from Riyadh, began in 2018.

Current record holder

The flight of the falcon is designed by Intamin. The company, headquartered in Liechtenstein, has been creating attractions for theme parks for over 50 years and is behind many of the most famous rides in the world.

This includes the current owner of the fastest roller coaster title in the world – Formula Rossa at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. It travels at a speed of up to 240 kilometers per hour.

And finally, what is currently the world’s longest roller coaster is the Steel Dragon 2000. It was developed by DH Morgan Manufacturing and is located in the Japanese amusement park Nagashima Spa Land in Nagashima, Kuwana.

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