Flight Attendant is UK’s most wanted job, regardless of journey standstill

Flight attendants, bloggers, and bike couriers are three of the most sought-after jobs right now. for new research Job search engine Adzuna.

The study analyzed Adzunas over 600,000 job vacancies by examining the job titles with the highest click-through rates (calculated as clicks / ads) in November 2020 to identify the 30 most sought-after job openings across the UK.

Flight attendant/. Cabin crew is the UK’s most sought-after job with an average click / ad rate of 24.1 in just 14 job ads. The demand for these jobs has increased as the pandemic resulted in high layoffs across all airlines. British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and EasyJet have cut more than 16,600 jobs. * The average advertised salary for a flight attendant is only £ 19,893 but this does not deter the 1000 recently laid-off flight crews competing for the limited number of jobs available.

Similar, Event manager – another of the positions hardest hit by the pandemic – is one of the most sought-after roles and ranks eighth with an average click / ad rate of 13.1 in just 30 job advertisements. Event manager Also in 23rd place with an average click / ad rate of 9.0 in 154 job advertisements. According to the Bectu creative union, the events industry has been hit hard by the pandemic with over 7,400 layoffs at theater and live events.

Fortunately, not all of the most sought-after jobs are in industries with redundancy issues. Bicycle Messenger The positions rank 26th with an average click / ad rate of 8.6 and 2,352 available positions. This role has grown in popularity over the past year as the pandemic has boosted demand for home deliveries and takeaway services. The role also offers flexible opportunities for employees to earn extra money in other employment relationships.

All in all, Door guard Positions, security functions at venues such as bars, clubs and restaurants, are the second most sought-after positions with an average click / ad rate of 21.7 and advertised salaries of £ 20,002.

The job role with the third highest click / ad rate of 19.9 is Private chefwhere reported salaries average £ 30,018. Chef pastry chef Also on the list on the 18th is Great Britain as the nation of foodies.

Demand for creative roles

Creative roles play a prominent role on the UK’s most sought-after jobs list as the pandemic pushed more Brits to seek creatively fulfilling careers. Makeup artist has the 9th highest click / ad rate at 12.5, Digital graphic designer is 10. at 12.2 and Blogger ranks 11th on the list at 11.5, although only 24 blogger roles are available.

Other jobs that have become popular in the past year include Activism officer (19., 9.6) and NHS administrator (28th, 8th April) reflecting a growing spotlight on diversity & inclusion and environmental activism as well as the critical year for the NHS.

The highest paid role in the top 30 is Operations managerwhere advertised salaries average £ 68,174 and 155 rolls are available. It follows Head of Retail available at £ 53,518 and 30 rolls. Overall, 25 of the 30 most sought-after UK jobs offer lower pay than the current UK average advertised salary of £ 36,903. This shows that when it comes to filling a role, money isn’t everything.

Table 1: The 30 most sought-after jobs in the UK

job Average clicks / ad Average advertised salary
1 Flight attendants / cabin crew 24.1 £ 19,893
2 Door guard 21.7 £ 20,002
3 Private chef 19.9 £ 30,018
4th Executive Secretary 19.2 £ 31,066
5 Personal assistant 16.7 £ 20,039
6th Board member 15.1 £ 37,614
7th Mason Overseer 13.5 £ 26,984
8th Event manager 13.1 £ 33,741
9 Makeup artist 12.5 £ 20,633
10 Digital graphic designer 12.2 £ 28,225
11 Blogger 11.5 22,000 pounds
12 Studio assistant 11.3 £ 31,009
13th Personnel office administrator 11.2 22,000 pounds
14th Learning development partner 11.0 £ 39,640
15th AML Analyst (Anti-Money Laundering) 10.5 £ 39,893
16 Receptionist in front of the house 10.1 £ 22,585
17th Executive Assistant Office Manager 10.0 £ 29,300
18th Chef pastry chef 9.7 £ 29,516
19th Activism officer 9.6 £ 21,568
20th Head of Retail 9.4 £ 53,518
21st Office equipment manager 9.3 £ 36,850
22nd Operations manager 9.2 £ 68,174
23 Event manager 9.0 £ 35,064
24 Marketing Graduate 8.7 £ 23,491
25th Team Assistant Administrator 8.7 £ 21,550
26th Bicycle Messenger 8.6 £ 22,808
27 Marketing Events Coordinator 8.6 £ 29,036
28 NHS administrator 8.4 £ 20,118
29 project Manager 8.2 £ 24,878
30th Editorial assistant 7.9 £ 19,545

Andrew Hunter, Co-Founder of Adzuna, comments: “Jobs in the aerospace and events industry are like chicken teeth right now and we are seeing massive interest from job seekers when these positions emerge, reflecting recent layoffs in these sectors. Creative jobs like blogger roles and digital graphic designer openings are also enjoying huge popularity as many employees have opted for creative fulfillment during the pandemic. Gig jobs like bike couriers are in high demand as many workers try to top up their income in a tight financial environment.

“Research also shows that paying doesn’t mean popularity in job advertisements. 25 of the 30 most sought-after jobs offer lower salaries than the UK average. This shows that many job seekers are looking for more than just money when looking for a new role. “

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