Future State: 10 Different Instances We have Seen DC’s Future

With Future State, DC Comics is offering readers the opportunity to see one of the many possible futures of the DC universe during a two-month event. And while some aspects of that future, where Jon Kent is the Superman of Metropolis, Tim Fox is the new Batman, and the Flash family has been cut off from the Speed ​​Force, will find their way into today’s comics as soon as Future State is over It’s a safe bet that Clark Kent will still be Superman, Bruce Wayne will still be Batman, and Flash will still be Superspeed.

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But Future State is no less fun. Seeing where the heroes and villains of the DC Universe might end up is a tried and tested way of telling stories about these characters that gives the creators the opportunity to do things that would never be accepted in the continuity stories. That’s why DC did it so often.

10 Armageddon 2001

One of the best-known versions of this narrative style in the DCU is Armageddon 2001, a 1991 crossover event that ran through this year’s yearbooks. In the story, readers saw a near future – 2030 – when the world would be ruled by an evil tyrant named Monarch. To stop Monarch, a scientist named Matthew Ryder – who would later become Waverider – built a time machine so he could go back and figure out which of the DC heroes was destined to become the hideous ruler.

Throughout the yearbooks, Waverider interacted with each DC hero to see their future and let us all take a look at the possibilities. Some heroes like Blue Beetle only had one future while others like Superman and Batman had a number of possible paths.

9 Legion of superheroes

The Legion of Super-Heroes, the longest-running look at the future of the DC Universe, made its debut in 1958 and has since shown what the universe will look like in a thousand years. With a host of reboots and crisis events changing the course of the DC Universe, the legion of superheroes has changed too, but the team’s premise has always been very solid.

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In the last incarnation, the Legion brought Jon Kent, today’s Superboy, in their time to show him how his and his father’s actions helped build a better tomorrow.

8th Titans tomorrow

After traveling a thousand years into the future to help the Legion of Superheroes, the Teen Titans returned to their own time but accidentally ended up ten years in their own future where they created the adult versions of themselves, the Titans of Tomorrow , met.

The Teen Titans were shocked to find that these older versions of Superboy, Robin, Wonder Girl and the rest were far more violent and fascist than they expected. Not only that, but many of the great heroes had died in crisis and the United States was split into two factions. When the Teen Titans finally made it back in time, they vowed to see to it that the future they saw would never happen.

7th The living legends of Superman

To celebrate Superman # 400, some of the day’s best writers and artists came together to create “The Living Legends of Superman,” an eight-part story that ends with Jim Steranko’s “Exile on the Edge of Eternity.” In the eight chapters, readers see the impact Superman has had on the universe, both past and present, and end with the discovery that a few million years after Superman arrived on Earth, the Man of Steel died , but his bloodline lives on through everyone. Humanity is transforming humans into a super-race who can travel the stars. The story ends with A’dam’mkent + 477SPMN, the last human to live after the rest of humanity sacrificed themselves to close a hole in space.

6 DC one million

DC one million

Superman is still alive in the 853rd century, but for the past fifteen thousand years he has been banished to his fortress of solitude, which is in the heart of the sun. When Superman announces that he will soon be returning to Earth, the Justice Legion A, a team of heroes based on the ideal of the Justice League and Superhero Legion, decide to travel to the 20th century and Superman’s friends to their time to bring Join the celebrations.

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Created by Grant Morrison, DC One Million – a million months after Action Comics # 1 was released, went through every DC series and gave every book a special # 1,000,000 edition.

5 The dark knight returns

Batman Dark Knight returns Frank Miller

The most famous story about the future of the DC Universe, Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, depicts a world where almost all heroes, including Batman, have retired and lead to an earth that is in much worse shape. Years after Bruce Wayne gave up his identity as a crime fighter, he feels the need to save his city again, this time from a gang called The Mutants. The actions of the Caped Crusader lead to a return of his greatest enemy, the Joker, and a stalemate between the Dark Knight and Superman in the streets of Gotham City.

4th Flash: The Return of Abra Kadabra

The last time Wally West – the third lightning – saw Abra Kadabra, the villain was hit by a burning truck and exploded. But like any good wizard, Kadabra had only made Flash believe he was dead. When he came back to take revenge on Flash, Kadabra didn’t come alone – this time he was hunted by hunters from the 64th century – of the time the kadabra comes from. Flash and Kadabra travel to the 64th century, where Wally learns that his enemy is indeed an icon for rebels fighting against a fascist government run by a supercomputer.

3 Come rich

Come rich

Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ glimpse into the not-too-distant future of the DC Universe, Kingdom Come, has become a landmark classic that reminds us why heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern matter. In a future where legendary heroes have retired and replaced by a younger generation who prefer to use their powers to have fun rather than save lives, Kingdom Come sees the greats return – and in separate ones Break Factions – to save the world after Kansas was destroyed in a nuclear accident.

2 Batman in Bethlehem

Batman 666

In a story by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert, Batman # 666, “Batman in Bethlehem” depicts a future in which Damian Wayne grew into Batman. The world is in constant turmoil thanks to climate change and endless wars. To protect Gotham City, Damian did something unknown – he sold his soul to Satan, who in return gave him the power to protect his city.

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At the same time, Michael Lane – the third Batman – returns to Gotham claiming to be the anti-Christian. While the Third Batman works to bring about Armageddon, Damian draws up his plan to stop him. This also includes breaking a promise he made to his father.

1 The end of the future

Developed by DC during the New 52 era, Future’s End was a 48-issue weekly series set five years in the future of DCU. In the series, which also had 41 one-shots focused on specific characters, Terry McGinnis – better known as Batman Beyond – travels back in time to help heroes stop an oncoming apocalypse that emerges from a war that was passed across the multiverse.

While the series mostly followed McGinnis, Frankenstein and Firestorm in an attempt to stop the end of all things, it also gave readers an opportunity to see a possible future for the DCU’s heroes.

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