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Vacation and flight budgets are often congested so getting a good deal is always appreciated, especially given the stressful year the world is in right now. However, when is it best to book when the prices for short breaks seem to fluctuate constantly? spoke exclusively to a travel expert to find out his travel advice.

In fact, if you’ve had a trip on your bucket list for some time, this might be the best time to finally get it in your journal.

“My strong advice is to book now, especially if you are planning a specific dream vacation or trip,” said Ashford.

“It’s a great time to consider this trip to Florida with the kids, or go to South Africa or go on safari.”

Booking for the summer holidays 2021 is particularly advisable at the moment, as many people don’t think that far away and you can overcome the onslaught.


“There’s not a lot of booking activity right now,” said Ashford. “People travel for Christmas to see friends and family. But the appetite isn’t there for many summer vacations. That means prices are low.

“But once the vaccination program is more broadly established and more travel corridors open with testing, the capacity will go away pretty quickly.”

The expert warned that from this point on, prices will only rise.

“I think if they get the chance, the airlines will raise prices,” he said.

“Let’s face it, they haven’t had a good year and they want to make up for losses. As soon as demand comes back, prices will go up.”

Ashford stated that waiting until the last minute to book in hopes of cheap deals is out of date and not working.

“It doesn’t make sense these days to wait to book closer to departure time. Years ago there were low-cost airlines, charter airlines, and scheduled airlines – and they used different price matrices.

“The low-cost airlines would start cheap and then get more expensive as you neared your departure date. The other airlines would lower their prices to fill the empty seats. Now they are all using the same model – they are getting more expensive.

“They all work on the basis that it’s the people who really have to travel who book so close to departure. So it doesn’t make sense to wait anymore.”

If you are nervous about investing a lot of money but want to get a good deal before it goes away, you can always leave a security deposit.

“You don’t have to pay a lot to secure your flight and accommodation.

“Then you have months to pay it off before you leave. With the added flexibility that is available when booking, this helps build some confidence.”

No matter what, warned Ashford, you must always check your passport and flights before departure.

“The rules for passports will change on January 1st when it comes to travel to the EU,” he said. “You will need at least another six months and the passport must not be older than ten years. Sort it out now if you want to travel next year.”

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