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Holidays are at the mercy of the shrinking list of travel corridors. Every week, Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps shares the latest updates to the “safe” list of where Brits can go without quarantining themselves. And more goals are being removed every week – and it is feared that more goals will be removed later today.

“We just don’t know,” said Calder.

Italy and Greece are currently among a handful of countries the British can travel to without restrictions.

However, in rising cases, the two hotspots could be moved to the quarantine list this week.

“It is entirely possible that mainland Greece will be on the no-go list tonight, or Italy, we just don’t know,” said Calder.


“We don’t know exactly why the government is putting up seats, but we don’t know a go-list,” the expert continued.

“We know it’s much harder to get out of nowhere than to do it.”

Calder’s solution in the midst of unpredictability is to wait and book at the last minute.

“So I do what a lot of other people do and just keep my fingers crossed.

“This new task force will not only help us achieve safer and smoother international travel as we continue to fight this virus, it will also support global connectivity. It will help make travel more COVID-safe while keeping the pre-imported population safe Protect cases, “said Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

The Global Travel Taskforce will work with industry to conduct tests and identify options to reduce self-isolation time.

The task force will also examine what steps could be taken to facilitate business and tourist travel through “innovative testing models and other non-testing means” and how consumers can be trusted to support the recovery of international travel.

The group is mainly led by Shapps and Minister of Health and Welfare Matt Hancock.

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