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The holidays were already very complex, but now more new rules were piled on top of the existing pile of restrictions. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps today unveiled the new measures to limit the spread of coronavirus. On Sky News he said, “If you are coming here from anywhere, whether you are British or a foreigner, you must have a Covid test up to 72 hours before you arrive.”

The rules apply to anyone entering the country by plane, train or ferry.

If you can’t find a negative test, you can’t get on your plane.

“As long as [the test is] negative, then they can fly, but they cannot get on the plane, for example, without having this negative test, “Shapps told the BBC.

“The airlines are responsible for ensuring that people don’t fly without forms,” ​​he added, explaining that not only will there be a £ 500 fine for not having the test, but the airlines will also be penalized.

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The new rules are likely to cause concern among travelers – how do you go about booking a test abroad? This is the latest travel advice.

Currently, the national lockdown means British cannot travel, so this shouldn’t be an immediate problem for most vacationers whose plans have been put on hold.

In addition, Heathrow Airport CEO John Holland-Kaye told the BBC this morning that he hoped this was not a permanent restriction.

“Hopefully this will be a short-term measure,” he said, adding that as vaccinations continue to roll out and infection rates fall, there will be new measures or a reduction in the measures taken by the government. “


While this “belt and braces” measure remains in place (in addition to the 10-day quarantine), those traveling abroad need to be careful.

Holland-Kaye warned: “There are many airports around the world that do not have testing facilities,” he said.

“So if you are trapped in one of these countries and now have these new requirements, you will find it quite difficult to get the tests required to get home.”

To combat this problem, Michael Asher, Chairman and CEO of the testing service Better2Know Ltd, has recommended travelers to check the testing situation at their destination before going abroad.

“Since substantial fines can be imposed on anyone who does not test prior to embarkation, we encourage travelers to find out where they can be tested abroad before heading out,” he told .

“Test availability varies by country and may not be easily available to non-residents.”

Holland-Kaye said this morning that he hopes other countries will take the lead from the UK, which will make testing abroad easier.

“This is where I believe the government can take a global leadership role in setting common international standards for the test regime,” he told the BBC.

“What we’ve seen over the past few months is that countries all over the world have been putting in place pre-departure tests, but they all have slightly different actions to look for, different ways that they need to be validated – and it’s very confusing for the passengers. “

The Heathrow chief added he hoped that more stringent testing measures would ultimately eliminate the need for quarantine.

“You can imagine that over the next few months people will test 72 hours before the flight, quarantine at home and then do another test at the airport,” said Holland-Kaye.

“Then you can travel to your destination with confidence knowing that no one on the plane has Covid and that you don’t have to be quarantined when you get to your destination.”

“It’s a much better way so that we can all travel with confidence, not just for vacation but for business purposes or to visit friends and relatives.”

For those being tested before traveling in the UK, prIce for private testing is generally between £ 100 and £ 150.

Travelers are asked not to use the NHS testing service.

“There are several test providers in the UK, but not all of them can provide documentation for travel to specific destinations.” Alex Templeton, CEO of health and testing company Qured, told

“The type of test you choose will depend on the needs of your specific trip and how urgently you need your results.”

He continued, “Once you’ve completed your home test, the next step is to send your test back to the lab.

“We recommend and offer Royal Mail Next Day Tracked as part of our service to ensure timely reception and security.

“If times are very tight, you can send by courier on the same day, but this increases the costs.”

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