If You Love To Journey, Right here Are 5 Careers To Take into account

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Continuous travel is exhausting, but those who have this passion find it rewarding. You are determined to visit as many states, countries, and continents as possible. Your passports are always up to date and your luggage is never dusty. While the pandemic has put the vacation down, people can still prepare for a career that requires constant travel. Here are five jobs you may not have considered if you have itchy feet.

Wedding photographer

Destination wedding


This job is the perfect combination of travel, romance, art and partying. As a wedding photographer in your travel destination, you need to study the area to determine the best location and time to shoot outdoors. According to JobHero.com, this job requires an eye for detail, positioning of lights and subjects, editing photos / videos, using a professional camera, meeting clients, and marketing. Some photographers work for a company, others are self-employed. They also need to understand their customers’ needs and find innovative ways to capture the moment. Wedding photographers work on weekends, evenings, long hours, and late nights. A college degree or photography courses are not required but are recommended.

Travel blogger or vlogger

Vlogger in Spain


The only thing that hikers value more than travel is talking about it. Hotels, museums and leisure facilities like to give tourists a high rating before booking their flight. This is where travel bloggers and vloggers come in. They visit a travel destination, enjoy the accommodations and write or film their experiences. It’s a personalized recommendation from someone who is knowledgeable about airlines, hotels, tours, and budgeting. Consistent travelers know how to avoid hidden costs and they will advise on entertainment overseas. Travel blogger Ana Rebeca explains on her website TheCitySidewalks.com how to start a travel blog in five simple steps.

Traveling nurse

Nurse in a hospital


To become a nurse, one must earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing and pass the NCLEX-RN exam. It takes four to six years and is a challenge. Those who acquire their license can choose any discipline, such as Emergency, Nurse, Labor and Childbirth, Oncology, Traveling Nurse, and more. Due to the pandemic, traveling nurses are in great demand.

Traveling nurses move from hospital to hospital across the country, jumping from one temporary position to the next. You will be sent to areas where nurses are most needed and your accommodation, travel expenses and services will often be covered. . . . Visit TravelNursing.org for more information.

Sports scout

Soccer sports manager


Sports recruiters and sports scouts travel the country to find talented athletes. They attend high schools, universities, and minor league stadiums where they watch games and assess their skills. Frank Angst, author of The Balance Careers, explains that a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, sales, or sports management is optional. Responsibilities include determining whether young players can play professionally as they age and making recommendations to the coach, manager, or team owner they are looking for. Even so, sports scouts need to have an eye for talent and willingness to travel.

Translator / ESL teacher

ASL class


ESL stands for English as a Second Language, so this job ultimately means teaching people to speak English. Usually ESL teachers help adults, immigrants or people in other countries. Linguists believe that English is one of the most difficult languages ​​to learn due to its numerous irregularities and tenses. Knowledge of another language is required to be an ESL teacher as you need to communicate with your students in their native language.

Translators need to be fluent in a second language and help tourists, athletes and immigrants to feel comfortable in their new surroundings. When interviewing an athlete or celebrity who does not speak English, their personal translator will convert one language to another. You have to do this both ways. Translators are needed all over the world, and personal travel with their clients.

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