‘It’s just absolutely incredible’
: Triad travel agents report big increase in business as more people book trips

GREENSBORO, NC – Shane Lawrence of Imagine Travel in Greensboro said he has never received so many daily calls.

“The past month has been busier than any other month in the last 20 years that I have been a travel agent. It’s just absolutely incredible, ”he said on Monday.

Lawrence receives 40-50 calls a day, and people want to book vacations to Mexico, Disney, and the Dominican Republic.

“I’ve had people with tears of joy and tears of sadness and some just plain despair,” he said.

FOX8 spoke to several travelers at Piedmont Triad International Airport who said lowercase letters make them feel safer to book a flight.

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“The last year was tough, that was a no. I’m starting to be comfortable traveling as long as I have my mask on, and I did a COVID test before I left just to make me feel safe, “said Hannah Morakinyo, who was from an Atlanta trip returned to a family.

Others, like Susan Myers and Patty Cooper from Asheboro, waited until they were fully vaccinated.

“The vaccine was the ticket to making sure we were safe, and they are safe too, so we all have the vaccine in the household that we will go to. So we should be good, ”said Cooper of her trip to Clearwater, Florida.

Almost 20,000 passengers were handled at the airport in February. Approximately 74,000 came through the airport in February 2020.

“To see leaving the airport is kind of sad. Hopefully it’ll get back to normal around this time next year, ”said Cooper.

Business is also returning for Holiday Tours, a charter bus company. General Manager David Moody says more buses are rolling out of their parking lot every week.

“People are calling to book trips for the summer and fall and we have good indications that it will be a good year.”

“I think travel will be in 2021, which was built in 2020. Everyone stayed home working on things around the house, and now everyone is going to be out and vacationing,” said Lawrence.

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