John Helton’s new book “The Security Field Guide for Healthcare Facilities” imparts efficacious guidelines on emergency and hazard prevention and preparedness

John Helton, a life safety and emergency management specialist who specializes in analyzing risk assessments in accordance with health care contingency plans, has completed his new book, The Security Field Guide for Healthcare Facilities: an in-depth book that teaches officials how Adequate preparation, prevention, and response to emergencies and hazards are important.

John writes, “The Healthcare Facility Safety Guide is designed to provide a comprehensive and methodical approach to preventing and preparing contingency planning for modern hazards and threats. use analytical concepts in emergency procedures to help train, advise and pre-plan responses to health codes; Providing tools to mitigate and reduce the extent of burnout and security losses; and include risk analysis with innovative and advanced approaches to pre-planning concepts to support continued education and growth in security and to be at the forefront of contingency management. This field guide will help the pre-operational standard operators, include risk assessments and support the development of emergency plans for employees in the healthcare sector. “

John Helton’s work, published by Page Publishing, provides a well-researched guide to avoiding danger and improving an officer’s preparedness in an emergency.

The “Safety Areas Guide for Healthcare Facilities” is designed to provide officers with the knowledge and understanding necessary to perform tasks related to details of safety procedures, safety, and hazard prevention and response.

Readers who want to experience this powerful work can purchase The Security Field Guide for Healthcare Institutions in bookstores anywhere or online from the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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