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Everything is becoming sustainable in today’s world. Why should tourism be any different? A promising travel blogger, Sahib Singh, believes so. Responsible travel is what he seriously believes in. This “digital nomad” believes that nature is one of the most beautiful gifts we have inherited from our ancestors and it is our responsibility to keep it intact for our future generations.

Other than that, he insists on what his father taught him about travel. His father said to Sahib, “Life is like traveling. People often forget to enjoy the trip. ‘He complements his father’s philosophy by saying, “To me, traveling is like meditation; It helps me to be happy and in my opinion we should always do what makes us happy. “

In fact, Sahib made a career out of traveling. Hailing from the small but picturesque town of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, he started traveling as an aspiring badminton player. About these days, Sahib says: “As an athlete I was on the road a lot, deep down I knew how much I enjoyed it, but after the games we hardly had a chance to learn anything about the place. I always wanted to take photos and write about places I travel. The idea of ​​becoming a travel blogger has always fascinated me. I already knew travel blogging was a viable career option, so I decided to become a travel blogger. “

So he became one of the promising travel bloggers in India. In fact, his Instagram handle @travellingindian, with almost 30,000 followers, is proof of his close relationship with nature and travel.

He is a graduate of Delhi University, has played badminton at the national level, and has an advanced diving certification.

So far he has traveled to countries like Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, etc.

In addition to traveling for fun, Sahib believes that we should also recognize the negative effects of our negligence on travel locations. By being irresponsible to our habits, we are damaging the ecosystem of the place we are visiting. Perhaps that is why his main goal is to “promote environmentally friendly and responsible tourism through my blogs”.

His unique skills as a photographer contribute to his travels, which he keeps sharing with his followers on social media. With many more goals in its future, this travel blogger is on the right path in life!

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