Journey to Scotland with shut buddy evokes movie photographer to publish picture e-book | Arts & Theatre

Beck does portrait work and photographs weddings and artists, especially musicians.

“I really enjoy working with artists because there is a collaborative feel about this work,” she said, adding that her husband Kevin Beck is a musician.

She said she does her most personal work while traveling, including small vacations with her husband.

“I have to stay in a tree house for my 30th birthday,” said Beck. “It was great fun.”

She and her husband live in Winston-Salem. She is currently on maternity leave from her job as a barista at Camino Bakery.

Q: How would you describe your art?

Reply: My art is rooted in my love for the process of photography, especially the trust and anticipation associated with filming. In the past few years I have become familiar with other photo and printing processes. Darkroom printing, cyanotypes, and other alternative 19th century processes interest me in a similar way to film photography in that they allow me to work with my hands and create original, unique, and physical images.

Q: How did you develop as an artist?

Reply: For a long time, I was so involved in the idea of ​​making films that I got wrapped up and stuck. After focusing on the joy of this process for eight years, I’m finally taking a course on cutting and color theory. In this class, I learn to really see colors and editing feels less afterthought. I think that each of our developments as people and artists is tied to our teachability. Last summer I was looking for a mentor to help me finish my book project, and I can only imagine that my journey as an artist will be much more fulfilling and longer with a continuous pursuit of education in my field.

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