Journey trade now experimenting extra with guide now, pay later technique

We have seen buying now, paying later retail trend during the pandemic. Now it is becoming increasingly popular for travel too.

Companies like Uplift, Affirm and Klarna offer these services which can be tempting given the uncertainty about when it will be safe again.

Another appealing idea is to spread the cost of your purchase so that you don’t have to write it down on a credit card. But you need to know what you are getting yourself into.

“The number one rule is to be really aware of the specific terms that are being offered to you, as in some cases they are even higher than a credit card. The average credit card rate is 16%, so people often prefer to buy now and pay later for fear of credit card debt. However, buyers should be careful that they may face a high interest rate, ”said Ted Rossman. an industry analyst at

Rossman says the best interest rates with these services are often reserved for people with good credit and high incomes. He also says that sometimes the companies aren’t clear about the rate, maybe they just give the total fees and you leave the math to find out.

Here is his advice instead.

“For many of us, we are probably at least a few months away from vaccination and are really comfortable traveling. Save now and put the money aside every month. By the summer you could have a nice vacation fund to tap into without interest, ”Rossman said.

The airlines continue to waive cancellation and change fees. Rossman believes this trend will continue for a while, so you may be better able to deal with the uncertainty of traveling without piquing interest. You won’t get any actual money back, but you will receive a voucher to use for a set period of time.

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