Kai Suites, Singapore: A luxurious lodge for brand spanking new dad and mom (and their infants)

(CNN) – Ask most new parents what they want most and they might say they will help the baby, prepare meals, or sleep well.

All of these things can be gotten for one price at Kai Suites, a super-luxury hotel for postpartum mothers in Singapore.

Ironically in what was once a maternity hospital, the hotel starts at $ 18,000 ($ 13,650) for a two-week stay.

Kevin Kwee, the owner and operator of the hotel, tells CNN Travel that his own experiences as a new parent inspired him to open Kai Suites.

“As the father of four children and having traveled through various childbirth experiences with my wife, I understand the importance of prenatal education, postnatal recovery and recovery, and the care mother and child need during this golden age – not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. “

Expectant parents usually book their rooms as soon as they are approximately 6-8 weeks after the estimated delivery date. As soon as the mother and baby leave the hospital, they will be met at the exit by a guest relations officer and a nurse, put in a limousine and taken to the Kai Suites to settle down.

The whole process is similar to checking into a luxury all-inclusive, but with more medical staff.

So far, almost all of the guests have been Singapore residents – which is to be expected during a pandemic where travel is largely banned – but Kwee makes no secret of its hopes to attract an international clientele in the future.

A typical room at Kai Suites.

Courtesy Kai Suites / Gastro Sense

The Kai Suites has 18 private suites. Large families are welcome to visit only partners and spouses – all the better for family ties.

Another request from new parents is that they want to meet other people who are in the same situation. Kai has set up common areas where the guests can meet and chat – of course between massages, visits to the doctor and afternoon naps.

While this hotel is a new concept in Singapore after birth, the practice has a rich history across Asia. The concept of Zuo Yue Zi, or the lunar cycle, is still widely used in China and in Chinese-speaking communities around the world.

During that first month after giving birth, women who have given birth are often looked after in certain ways by their families so that they have as much time and energy as possible to care for themselves and their children. This may include drinking special teas and eating healthy foods that will help restore your body and get your iron levels back up.

While some more modern Chinese view these practices as relics of a time when women had less access to health care and more likely to die of sepsis or other postpartum ailments, contemporary “detention centers” are still widespread and can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Other centers such as Nadora in the Malaysian state of Selangor and Gem Care in Taipei combine modern hotel amenities with traditional practices.

Kai Suites seems to practice the combination of traditional nursing and modern capitalism.

Even though the hotel only opened in November 2020, Kwee is already looking to the future. He plans to expand the brand by introducing a range of foods, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and health and beauty products for new mothers.

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