Learn How to Break Into Comics (Lettering) With New Essential Guide

Right or Wrong: Of all the people who work on comics, the writer is the least important. True! Okay class, that was a good study. I’ll see you tomorrow – what is that? Aren’t letterers just a throwaway item that your buddy can easily replace with rudimentary Photoshop skills? Are you saying we have to show respect for goddamn comic book writers now ?! First inker, then colorist, now this? What’s next? Do you expect us to respect the editors? Okay, that would never happen. Haha! Stupid editors.

But the writer thing is true. Did you know there are all sorts of fancy rules and theories that go into the craft of comic book writing? Well, one of the leading writers in the industry, Nate Piekos, is going to explain it all to you in Image Comics’ upcoming release, The Essential Guide to Comic Book Lettering. The book is … hey, where are you going ?! Come back here! We promise this is important!

The book is due to hit stores in October and, according to a press release, “offers readers the most in-depth tips and techniques ever on digital comic lettering in this extensive guide,” and “covers everything from creation” Font templates, emotional dialogue, and dynamic sound effects to develop design skills and build a career as a writer in the comics industry. “Wait, let’s say this book can help you learn how to break into comics? Yes! We are! And you thought that was boring!

“I’ve been posting tips on writing and design theory on social media for years. One of the most frequently asked follow-up questions is,” Have you ever thought about writing a book about it? “Piekos alleged in the press release, despite providing no evidence that this is something people are actually interested in.” Since well-executed handwriting is an often overlooked part of the comic book reading experience, very few people recognize it How Much Graphic Design Skill Is Required I felt it was time to write an in-depth guide to the art of digital comic lettering for anyone interested. It’s a ‘deep dive’ into the subject that aspiring writers crave. “

The paperback “Essential Guide to Comic Book Lettering” (ISBN: 978-1-5343-1995-0) will be available in comic book stores on October 20 and in bookstores on October 26. However, you can pre-order it in all common locations right now.

The cover of The Essential Guide to Comic Book Lettering

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