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Many people think that blogging travel can become a steady source of income. You get paid to travel all over the world and see new places! Sounds like a dream job. But that is not always so. There are several different things that every beginning travel blogger needs to know, and not all are enjoyable. But by the time you’re ready to agree with them, you’ve already taken your first step towards becoming a successful travel blogger.

Nobody can guarantee you success

The classic “survival mistake” is to take into account that all travel bloggers become popular and get paid for their posts. It’s not as great as it looks. The number of bloggers who have solid, stable incomes that allow them to keep living and traveling is very low. The rest of the blogs just disappear and are erased from the internet and from the minds of the audience. So the best idea is to only start a travel blog if you just love to travel. Viewing your blog as a business plan is too risky.

The competition is intense

The travel blogging niche isn’t crowded, but there isn’t too much space to squeeze into. You always have to be more creative than the others who invent new routes, find new senses and find new places. You can come up with some extra features, make your travel quest-like, or come up with something else that will appeal to your audience, but just traveling and taking photos is no longer enough. Try to get to know the people and customs of the local people, show unusual places from a local point of view and learn about the way of life there. The world is still big enough to have a place unknown to most of the people.

What else can you get from blogging?

Blogging for money only is not a good idea, as we said earlier. What Else Can You Get From Your Blog? Maybe you are sponsored by local brands showing them as something exotic in your country? Or collect ideas for your entire travel book? Or do you just share your travel experience with your distant friends and family? Money can be an incredible “side benefit” to anything. Choose a goal that is achievable and only depends on you. Then regardless of financial success, you will be happy with your blog.

Take your time

Travel takes time; Your description takes time too, and popularizing your blog is another time-consuming activity. Don’t expect it all to come at once. It takes the average blog about a year to reach a meaningful audience. Posting on social media may take less time, but don’t be afraid if you still don’t have thousands of followers after a few months. It can be a good idea to learn about marketing strategies, use services like Hublaagram to promote your advertisement (read the Hublaagram review to make sure it really suits your needs), or partner with some local travel companies enter into. They may even be able to offer you some free tours!

Consider an investment

We know you want to make money blogging without spending it. But a good camera or action cam and a high quality website are a huge asset and can give you a boost in growth. Think of your logo and order it. Make yourself a brand. You can even try some blogging or writing classes to feel more confident, or take a few photography classes to snap stunning pictures of the places you travel to. Investing in your skills is always a great idea, be it tourism skills or blogging skills. Get ready for the fact that as a professional blogger you will have to spend a lot of money advertising and getting people to your blog – but you will be making even more!

In conclusion, you don’t have to blog for money to avoid disappointment. Being a travel blogger is really fun, but it’s also hard and consistent work that takes a lot of time to pay off. The best way to do this is to find some other reason besides money to start your blog – and then enjoy your success as an incredibly pleasant surprise!

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