Lomira veterinarian Marty Greer writes new e book on pandemic pet life

LOMIRA – A Lomira veterinarian has written a new book about raising a puppy during a pandemic.

“Becoming a dog owner in the midst of a global pandemic presents special challenges,” said Dr. Marty Greer, author of “Your Pandemic Puppy: Finding and Raising a Well-Adjusted Dog During COVID-19”.

According to Greer, the new book is an essential guide to dog ownership in extraordinary times. Coast to coast American families have welcomed new canine companions into their lives at unprecedented speed, making the most of their unexpected home extension.

And while the joy of adding a playful puppy to the family is undeniable, Greer said that many families are reluctant to train, raise, and care for a puppy.

Marty Greer, DVM

“What will happen when the kids return to school and you go back to work?” asks the author.

“Your Pandemic Puppy” helps new dog owners and potential owners find, raise, and own a well-adjusted dog at a time when everything from veterinary appointments and dog training to puppy play dates is limited.

The 178-page paperback provides information on a puppy’s physical and mental wellbeing, and covers topics such as choosing a puppy, items needed, break-in and crate training, socialization, commands, travel, feeding and grooming, veterinary care, and medical emergencies.

Greer is a co-founder of Veterinary Village, a veterinary practice in Brownsville, and director of veterinary services for Revival Animal Health. She specializes in canine pediatrics and reproduction and advocates “fear-free” practices.

“Your Pandemic Puppy” is from Revodana Publishing and is available on Amazon.

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