Marvel’s WandaVision Episode 5: MCU Easter Eggs and Reference Information

  • The name “Sparky” is a reference to Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta’s brilliance vision Story in which Vision and his “family” (not the Maximoffs) move to the suburbs and try to lead a “normal” life. Part of that is a synthetic canine called “Sparky”. He didn’t have a happy ending there either. Stop letting dogs die in our stories, you monster! It’s too sad.


This week’s commercial is for Lagos Brand Paper Towels with the catchy slogan: “If you wreak havoc, you don’t mean to.”

This refers to the opening scenes of Captain America: Civil Warwhen Wanda used her powers to stop Crossbones from detonating a bomb in a crowded marketplace. While it reduced the overall number of casualties, some innocent civilians still died when it exploded. It is the first indication that Wanda’s grief and trauma in Westview is far more than the loss of her lover.

The Lagos ad is also another reference to the Infinity Stones. Before that we had the toaster (Power), the clock (Time) and the Tesseract-shaped bath powder (Space). Here we have spilled a red liquid in a sly nod to the ether (reality). Only the Mind and Soul stones – which means two more commercials.


These are definitely not the only X-Men references in the episode (of course), but we’ll get to this big one below …

  • The scene in which Wanda is confronted with SWORD agents seems to be directly inspired by the first scene X-Men Film in which the police try to take out Magneto. Similar to Wanda, he uses his powers on her weapons, whereby they are turned on the police before they escape. Given the payoff this episode and Magneto’s role as Wanda and Pietro’s sometimes dad in the comics (not to mention Peter’s definitive dad in the X-Men Movies), this was more than likely set up.
  • Vision says he read The Descent of Man, a book about evolution, to one of Charles Darwin’s twins. (David Bowie voice) “Must give way to the Homo Superior!”

The twilight zone

  • serious Twilight zone “It’s a good life” resonates throughout the episode, especially when Agnes von Wanda goes visibly crazy with her “Take it from the top” moment (unless she deliberately screws with everyone) and the postman tells the twins “Your mother didn’t let win [Sparky] get far. “
  • Even while we’re on the subject The twilight zoneAgnes seems to live on the corner of Maple St. and Sherwood Drive. “The monsters are due on Maple Street” is a notoriously paranoid display of suburban paranoia.


The opening credits include a postcard entitled “Greetings From Westview, NJ” in a fairly common format, but best known on the cover of Bruce Springsteen’s album “Greetings From Asbury Park”.

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