Matthew Kiewiet: Be cautious of the books taking a stance | Sports activities Information

The books didn’t flinch, although some New Jersey books reported that only 11% of the money was with the Niners.

When a book takes a clear stance, they don’t care how much money goes into what they feel is the wrong page. The thinking is simple: you are right and we are wrong.

And boy were you right?

After a 0-3 week last week, it’s time to lick our wounds and get back on the horse.

Choice: TCU +11.5, -118 (1.18 units bet to win 1)

This is a tough schedule for the Longhorns. You got an exciting victory over Texas Tech. They cleared a 15 point deficit late in the fourth quarter to beat the Red Raiders in OT. These types of games are emotionally demanding. Next week they travel to Norman, Oklahoma to do a Red River Shootout with the Sooners. I think there is a chance Texas will go broke against a TCU team that lost last week and are maximally motivated.

In their last six Big 12 games as a 10-plus-point favorite, the Longhorns stand 1-5 against the spread. Why should that be so? Two things: their defense tends to be below average, and their offense tends to be below average. Both are true again this year, so I expect this trend to continue. Give me the horned frogs and the dots.

Selection: Dolphins +6.5, -118 (1.18 units bet to win 1)

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